Best Bitcoin Dice Websites for 2020


Here's a list of bitcoin dice websites that I think are currently the best:

Website House Edge Rating Why
PrimeDice Logo
PrimeDice 1% A+ By far the best bitcoin dice website. The website itself is impeccable. Clean, fast, and reliable.
SatoshiDice Logo
SatoshiDice 1.9% A The original bitcoin dice website. Works like a charm, but the website design could be less confusing for a first-timer.

I don't care much for the others.

Last Checked: July 2020

The PrimeDice Website.

Primedice - comfortably the best bitcoin dice site at the moment.

A bitcoin dice website is "relatively straightforward", so I've rated these websites based on 3 main things:

  1. Website Design. How easy the website is to use, and how fast it runs.
  2. Reliability. The dice website has a solid history of paying out winnings quickly and consistently.
  3. The Owner(s). If the person running the website is cool, then I'm more likely to gamble with them.

What is bitcoin dice?

Bitcoin dice websites give you a quick and simple way to gamble with your bitcoins.

In it's basic form, a bitcoin dice website works like this:

  1. Choose how many bitcoins you want to gamble with.
  2. Bet on whether the next number to be "rolled" will be higher or lower than a number between 1 and 100.

So basically, it's a high-low guessing game with randomly generated numbers between 1 and 100. If you guess correctly, you win money.

You also have the option of choosing the starting number, and whether to go high or low on it. And the more unlikely it is to win (e.g. going "high" on 98), the bigger the payout will be.

How much can you win?

You can win a lot. It just depends on how lucky you get.

Honestly, you could make a deposit of 0.01BTC, run it up to 100BTC over the space of a few minutes, and withdraw your winnings back to your address. You're obviously going to need a bucket-load of luck to do this, but it's still a possibility.

Primedice Bets Example

You can win money scarily quickly if you keep getting lucky with your rolls. This is why it can be dangerously addictive. Be careful.

At Primedice there is a maximum payout of 20BTC for each individual bet. However, there's nothing to stop you from placing multiple bets over and over again.

So yeah, you can win a lot of money very quickly from bitcoin dice websites.

What are the payouts?

You get to choose how much you can win on each roll.

Basically, you get to choose the payout by changing the starting number, and whether you think the next number to be rolled will be higher or lower than that number. The more unlikely it is for you to win, the bigger the payout will be.

With traditional casino games like Blackjack and Roulette, the payouts are fixed. But with bitcoin dice you get to choose your own odds and payouts, right down to two decimal places.

Bitcoin dice websites are the most flexible way to gamble with bitcoins.

What's the catch?

Aside from becoming addicted to gambling and losing all the bitcoins you own, there is no catch.

Bitcoin dice sites give you the option of pure form of gambling. If casino games and sportbetting are the cake and chocolate of the world of gambling, then bitcoin dice is straight-up sugar.

There is no catch. This is simple, honest, degenerate gambling in it's purest form.

How do dice sites make money?

The payouts are slightly shorter than the odds of winning, so the dice site makes money over the long run.

For example: if you choose "low" on 50, you're going to win 1 time out of every 2 rolls (50%). However, the payout for winning is 1.98x.

So let's say you start with 1 BTC. Now, you roll twice and bet 1 BTC each time. This is what happens:

  • Roll 1: Win 1.98 BTC
  • Roll 2: Lose 1 BTC

You are now left with 0.98 BTC.

The results of the dice rolls followed probability perfectly, but you are left with slightly less (0.02 less) than you started with.

This is how and where bitcoin dice sites make money.

Why would you play at a bitcoin dice site?

Good question.

There is never a good reason for gambling. However, if you think of a bitcoin dice site as some sort of service, then they do have some utility that extends beyond the dissolute.

Here a ridiculous yet interesting reason for using the "services" of a bitcoin dice website:

It's a risk, but at the very least a bitcoin dice site gives you the option to take it.

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