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Power Poker Rakeback

Power Poker Rakeback


+ 110% UP TO $600 BONUS

Step 0: Delete cookies.

Rakeback Cookies

This step is to make sure that you will get tracked as a rakeback player when you sign up to Power Poker. It is not essential, but it does help to prevent any possible problems with tracking.

Step 1: Visit Power Poker.

Sign up for rakeback at Power Poker

The link above is a unique tracking link for rakeback at Power Poker. Use this link and download the software as usual when you get to the Power Poker website.

Step 2: Use the sign up code RAKEBANK when creating your account.
That's RAKEBANK with an 'N'. Make sure you enter it correctly when creating your account.

After you have downloaded the Power Poker room and loaded it up you will need to create your account. At the bottom of the sign up form you are asked to enter a "signup code". Use the Power Poker sign up code RAKEBANK to ensure that you get rakeback on your account.

Power Poker Signup Code

This is a unique rakeback bonus code for Power Poker. Do not put any other code in this box other than RAKEBANK.

Step 3: Done!

As with any poker room on the Cake network the steps for getting rakeback are pretty simple. As long as you follow the links to Power Poker from this page (or anywhere on this site) and enter the signup code RAKEBANK you will be all set to start earning your weekly rakeback from Power Poker.

If you want to double check that you have signed up correctly just contact me and I will confirm it for you after you have created your account.

Power Poker rakeback summary.

Power Poker Rakeback Details
Bonus: 110% up to $600
Bonus Deductions: -
Tournament Fees: n/a
Room Details
Network: Cake
Competition: Tough
Mac Friendly: No
US Friendly: No
PT Compatible: No
HEM Compatible: No

Power Poker is a relatively new room on the Cake network, but it is easily one of the most promising due to it's high popularity amongst rakeback player thanks to it's good customer support. The face of Power Poker is Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, which is nice, but I don't know how much he plays there to be honest.

All in all, Power Poker is a great, reliable skin on the Cake network with great customer support. In fact, the support at Power Poker is better than Cake Poker's in my opinion.

More Power Poker rakeback information.

Rakeback deal.

Power Poker offers a flat rakeback deal to all players. This is the maximum amount of rakeback that you can get on the Cake network.

Power Poker rakeback calculation.

Dealt Rakeback MethodPower Poker uses the dealt rakeback calculation method, which means that the total rake is shared equally between all of the players at the table, regardless of how much each player has put in to the pot (or if they have even entered a pot).

So for example, let's say you are playing in a $400 NL game with 4 other players at the table at Power Poker and the final pot reaches $200. Regardless of the amount of money you had put in to the pot, the $20 rake (5% of the $400 pot) will be shared equally between all 4 players, which means that you will have effectively paid $5 in rake. This will result in $1.65 rakeback (33% of $5) from this one pot alone.

The dealt rakeback calculation is less common than the contributed method and it means that you are able to generate rakeback from pots that you haven't played in.

What are the different types of rakeback calculations?

PowerPoker rakeback payments.

Power Poker rakeback is paid weekly within 48 hours of the start of Wednesday, so you should receive your rakeback payments by midnight on Thursday at the latest.

The Power Poker rakeback week start from 00:00 on Wednesday and ends at 11:59 on the following Tuesday.

Power Poker bonus and rakeback.

Power Poker Bonus Is Not Deducted From Rakeback CalculationsPower Poker does not deduct bonus money from any rakeback calculations. This means that you will receive the maximum rakeback amount in addition to the 110% up to $600 new player bonus whilst it clears.

So for example, lets say that you accumulate around 350 FPPs, which should release $20 worth of bonus money. This will result in you having generated about $50 in MGR. Instead of Power Poker deducting this $20 bonus money from your $50 before calculating rakeback, you will receive 33% rakeback on the full $50 ($16.5 rakeback) in addition to the $20 bonus money.

Can I get rakeback at more than one room on the Cake network?

Unfortunately not. So if you've already got rakeback at Cake Poker, you're not going to be able to get it at Power Poker as well I'm afraid. It's a network policy, I don't make up these rules.

However, it is perfectly fine to open an account at Power Poker if you have a non-rakeback account at another skin on this network. So if you've already got an account at Cake Poker but it's not a rakeback one, Power Poker acts as a great alternative for getting rakeback on the Cake network.

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