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Instead of creating a whole load of sub sections for different types of websites in this directory, I decided to create one big "other" section and lump everything that didn't fall in to the other categories into here.

Not the most organised method ever, but it's so much easier to do it this way.

Other sites.

Poker Directory - A pretty straightforward poker directory containing links to other poker websites. Kinda like the directory at this site, just a little bigger.

PokerEsq - A nice collection of poker shirts. One of the bigger poker t-shirt sites out there.

SmackDog Poker - A site aimed at providing online poker leagues for players. I'm not sure how popular the leagues are and how many players get involved, but I guess you could do some searching around the site and find out.

Poker Tournament Watch - A nice and handy site that provides information on the latest live & online tournament poker news.

Poker Regeln - A German poker site section with poker rules and strategy. I'm afraid I can't speak German (except for the chorus of 99 red balloons), so I can't expand much more on that.

Priory Building and Construction - Yep, this has absolutely nothing to do with Poker as the title would suggest. I made this site for a friend of mine and I just wanted Google to know that it exists, so I'm linking to it here. It's about building and construction in the South Wales area.

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