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Poker Website DirectoryThere are a lot of poker websites out there, there's no doubt about that. Unfortunately, they can't all be impressively useful, but that doesn't mean that there are plenty of gems out there for you to find.

I'm hoping that this poker website directory helps you to find more useful information about online poker strategy and other stuff like that. I have listed my favourite sites on this page, and there are sub-sections for other poker websites that you may find useful near the bottom.

Poker Websites is the best and most up to date directory out there right now in my opinion. It's most honest directory for both poker websites, poker rooms and other online poker stuff. Super-clean design, fast loading and great information/links. You don't see many sites like this around these days.

Another useful directory is the one at Serious Poker. It's one of the older poker websites out there, but it still remains as a helpful resource to players.

My favourite strategy sites.

BeatTheFish - There are a lot of articles here for you to read. They have all been split up in to smaller sections to make them easier to digest, but it will still take you a long time to get through them all. The advice is solid too. - Shorter (but to the point) articles about some of the most important basic strategy concepts. This was one of my favourite sites to learn good strategy from when I was starting out.

Sit and Go Planet - This site focuses on Sit and Go information and does an impressively good job of doing so. I don't think that there is a better site out there for STT tournament tips and strategy.

Other great strategy sites.

Beat No Limit - A simple site with great no limit strategy for Texas Hold em. The articles on this site have been written by a very successful $2/$4 NL Holdem player, so you can be sure that the strategy is of a high quality.

Play Winning Poker - This is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites on the Internet for general poker strategy and information. It's a little hard to navigate around the site at times, but there are a lot of quality articles lying around if you can get to them.

Poker Professor - Another clean strategy site with a wealth of information on offer. This site has a very useful guide-like section that will give you a course in online Internet poker strategy.

My favourite non-strategy sites.

Compatible Poker - This is the authority on anything to do with online poker on Mac or Linux. Every article is informative and genuinely helpful. This same site also contains the most thorough guide to US poker sites on the web.

SlotsGeek - Now, this isn't even a poker website, but it's owned by a good friend of mine and it's such a big and useful online slots site that it would be a crime to online gambling to not link to it. I guess it comes in even handier if you like playing slots online too.

Poker-Vibe - Poker Vibe is an all-round online poker guide created by Shirley Rosario. The main focus is toward beginner players with it's how-to guides and reviews, but the site is so big that there is enough reliable information inside to help even the most experience players learn something new about the game of poker.

Holdem Review - I love this site. It's easy to use and all of the content is enjoyable to read. The site is mainly focused on providing reviews of online poker rooms and all that, but it does have a great strategy section thrown in to the mix. Well worth checking out if I say so myself. The same cool guy also runs a handy little Internet Poker downloads website too.

Online Poker - A very promising new site that currently covers the basics of the different variants of online poker. It's a new site, but it's being built by a friend of mine and I'm confident that it will become pretty big over time.

Other random websites I've had the pleasure of linking to in the past.

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