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Okay, as you can see from the incredibly feeble list of articles here, I don't write much news.

I'm guessing you found this page by randomly clicking a link in the footer or breadcrumb navigation, hoping to find some awesome news resource. If that sounds about right, I apologise. Instead, why not check out -- that's my personal favourite online poker news site.

I mostly write about NLHE strategy and poker site reviews. But every now and then there is some ridiculously huge news that I can't go without writing about. So, whenever I actually write a news piece, I'm going to list it here.

If I do decide to start writing about Texas Hold'em news in the future though (it's a bit of a long shot), you can be sure I'll be putting it all here.

Did you think this article was useful? Wait until you see the strategy videos at Deuces Cracked.

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