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The following sites are geared toward providing information on online poker rooms through room reviews and stuff like that. Many of these have strategy and tips sub-sections, but there main focus is to review poker rooms and help you find the right room for you.

Poker portals.

Best Poker Sites - A newer site that review all of the major online poker rooms. Super-cool design and lots more information on the way. This isn't going to be a small poker room review site for too long.

4KingBet - Scrawnybob's site. Used to be called "4KingPoker" up until 2013, now it has been consolidated in to one large gambling information website, with bingo and stuff. Here's the 4KingBet poker strategy section.

The Online Poker Life - Not 100% sure about the focus of this site, but it does have a noticeably large strategy section that I'm sure some people will find useful.

Directory Of Online Poker - I really, really like this site. The owner has clearly taken a lot of time to go in to more detail than 99% of other poker portals when reviewing poker rooms. Easily one of the best portals out there in my opinion.

Reference Poker - A typical poker portal, with a few extra bright colours thrown in. There are lots of pages and the navigation is good, so it should keep you busy for a little while.

Poker Reviews Online - A very fast loading site with great poker room reviews. It isn't a huge site, but the quality content more than makes up for that. There are also some unique comparison pages that compare two major poker rooms to see which comes out on top.

Practical Gambling - Not a lot in the way of super-interesting articles and content here, but the poker room and poker bonuses information is there if you're looking for stuff like no download rooms and minimum deposit poker sites.

Poker Deal - A nicely designed site that offers strategy and room reviews. Covers the basics of online poker information, although it doesn't cover a wide range of topics in either area.

DrawDead - A bit too many flashy banners for my liking, but there is still a lot of online poker information on this easy to navigate site if you have the time to browse around. The articles are pretty decent from what I've read.

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