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Full Tilt Avatars

Player Avatars

When you sign up to the Full Tilt poker room (don't forget to use the referral code here), you will have a choice between the different player avatars on offer to represent you at the table whilst you play. Now, whilst these do not make a difference to how you play, it always seems tricky finding the avatar that suits you the best.

All of the avatars are very cartoon like, but it's still never easy to choose the one you like the most. It's almost like standing in the shop looking at all of the candy/chocolate bars on offer; you just don't know which to choose.

Here are all of the Full Tilt avatars for you to look at, with a few extra avatars at Full Tilt that you might not have known about.

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Full Tilt player avatars.

Full Tilt Player Avatars

These are all of the avatars that you get to choose from when you are signing up for an account at Full Tilt. Hopefully having all of the avatars in front of you should help you to choose which is your favorite.

The available avatars at Full Tilt changes from time to time, so there may be some new ones to add to the list, and some of these may no longer be around. Nonetheless, this is the majority of the avatars that you can choose from.

Play At Full Tilt and Choose Your Own Avatar

Most popular Full Tilt avatars.

This is not a definite ranking of the most popular avatars used by players at Full Tilt, but from my experience playing at the room, these definitely seem to appear a lot more frequently at your table.

#1 - Shark

Shark Avatar

#2 - Monkey

Monkey Avatar

#3 - Cute Dog

Cute Dog Avatar

#4 - Rock

Rock Avatar

#5 - Gnome

Gnome Avatar

#6 - Chicken

Chicken Avatar

There are a load of other popular avatars, but in my opinion these seem to be the favorites amongst the players. Luckily there are now over 70 avatars available for you to choose from, so the tables are a lot more diverse than they used to be back when the room first started.

Full Tilt pro players avatars.

Here are the avatars of the Full Tilt Pros at the FT room. There are a fair number of custom avatars at Full Tilt Poker, but a lot of these are unknown players that you probably have never heard about before.

So here are the avatars for the most popular pro players at Full Tilt.

Andy Bloch

Andy Bloch Avatar

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson Avatar

Clonie Gowen

Clonie Gowen Avatar

Howard Lederer

Howard Lederer Avatar

Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow Avatar

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey Avatar

John Juanda

John Juanda Avatar

Jenn Harman

Jennifer Harman Avatar

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antoninus Avatar

Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen Avatar

Phil Gordon

Gus Hansen Avatar

Eric Seidel

Eric Seidel Avatar

If you look closely, you should be able to see that Patrik Antonius' avatar looks a lot more life-like than the rest of them. I'm guessing that he didn't want to be made to look like a cartoon player, so it looks like they cut out a real life picture of him and stuck it on a cartoon body.

Patrik is also one of the newer additions to the Full Tilt avatars, and the latest ones are definitely looking more like real people as opposed to cartoons. I think I prefer the older cartoon ones though.

Changing avatar expressions.

Did you know that you can change the facial expression of your avatar as you play? Simply right click on your avatar and you can choose from:

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Confused

Here is an example of the shark with the 4 different expressions...

Shark NormalShark HappyShark AngryShark Confused

Changing you Full Tilt Avatar.

If you get tired of your avatar you can always change it. Simply go to:

Account > Change Avatar

and that's it! You can change your avatar as many times as you like.

Play At Full Tilt and Choose Your Own Avatar

My favorite Full Tilt avatars.

My favorite avatar at Full Tilt Poker is the Frog. Don't ask me why, I just like it. I think it is far less popular than the Shark or Monkey so it is a little more unique, and it just looks great.

Frog Avatar

Saying that, the penguin is looking pretty funky too.

Penguin Avatar

The worst Full Tilt avatar.

Here's the offender...

Blonde British Avatar

I think the fact that this is quite possibly the blandest Full Tilt avatar on offer makes it pretty useless. It also look far too much like a stereotypical British guy with that wooly vest and the charming expression on his face. I think if you voluntarily choose this guy as your avatar, you are leaving all you imagination for dead in a rampage to rid the world of entertaining cartoon characters.

Honestly, why would you choose it?


At the end of the day though, the choice is yours. Full Tilt give you a wide variety of avatars to choose from, so you might find plenty that you think represent you at the table the best! (Just don't choose that charming blonde guy).