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Check out the poker odds conversion chart for info on how to convert between ratios and percentages.

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Which odds format is the best?

The best format is the one you feel most comfortable with.

There's no advantage to using ratio odds over percentage odds or vice versa. They both do the same job equally as well when it comes to pot odds, so the most advantageous odds format is the one that you find the easiest to work with.

I personally much preferred using percentage odds when I was getting to grips with all this probability business. But on the other hand I know that many players find the ratio format to be the one that makes the most sense at first. In all honestly, it just comes down to personal preference.

Which poker odds format is most commonly used?

Annoyingly, there is no standard when it comes to odds in online poker. Ratio odds and percentage odds are used interchangeably in poker books, strategy articles, training videos and across poker forums.

Note: Ratios and percentages are used for odds in poker in the same way that imperial and metric are used for measurements in everyday life.

If I had to give an extremely rough guide for each format's most common use, I'd say:

  • Ratio odds are mostly used for pot odds.
  • Percentage odds are mostly used for stuff like equity (like in PokerStove for example).

But again, you can still easily use either format in each of these applications. Occasionally one format is more effective and logical to use than another, but for most part they're both just as good.

Which odds format should I learn if I'm just starting out?

Even though I started out with (and preferred) percentage odds, I think ratio odds are the best for beginners.

On the whole, I'd say that ratio odds are ever so slightly more prevalent, so you will see this format a little more often as you're learning about poker mathematics. Plus, I think ratio odds are the trickier of the two, so if you can get good with ratios then percentages will be a doddle.

Is it worth learning both percentages and ratio odds?

Yes, definitely. Seeing as you're guaranteed to come across ratios and percentages when dealing with poker strategy, it's a smart idea to familiarize yourself with both.

If you're new to this probability stuff it will seem like a lot to get through, but don't worry about it too much. Focus on getting good with one odds format, and as you progress the other format will start to take care of itself. It's one of those things that you'll gradually learn as you go along without realising it. That's what happened with me.

After a while you'll be completely comfortable with both types of poker odds and will be able to effortlessly convert between them in your head. Feel free to visit back here for some help with the trickier conversions though!

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