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PokerBank ToolsAside from just being an awesome strategy resource, ThePokerBank (well, I), with the coding wizardry of my good friend Iain Lomas, also offers a bunch of free poker tools to help you improve your game. I call these the "PokerBank Tools".

They are lightweight, simple and they get the job done. More importantly, they are free, as I touched upon about 5 seconds ago.

I hope you enjoy them and if you have any ideas for other tools that I could offer, feel free to give me a shout.

Have these tools helped you at all?

Buy A Pint For IainIf these tools help you to improve your poker game in any way, Iain would greatly appreciate a small donation as a thank you. Just a quick $3 or $4 for a beer on the weekend will go a long way!

I'm not going to lie, the donations will be deposited in to the beer fund rather than the "tools production" fund. However, the sign of appreciation will certainly inspire and motivate for even more tools in the future.

Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy the tools.

The programs.



SPOC is a Simple Pot Odds Calculator. It sits on top of all other windows and allows you to quickly input bet and pot sizes to work out your pot odds on the fly. There are no bells, whistles or nonsense - just pot odds.

It's an ideal tool for any beginner players that want to get to grips with using pot odds during play.

SPOC Screenshot



Fergulator is a bankroll management tool. It tells you the maximum amount of money you can afford to buy in for in cash games and tournaments, as well as when you should leave the table after winning a set amount of money.

Just input the size of your bankroll in to this calculator and Fergulator will do the rest.

Fergulator Screenshot



hoRatio is a percentage odds to ratio odds converter (and vice versa). Ratio and percentage odds are used interchangeably in online poker, which can get confusing if you're not amazing at maths.

What's 5-to-1 odds as a percentage again? No fear, hoRatio will work it out for you.

hoRatio Screenshot



CHIMP is an ICM calculator. If you're in to playing tournaments, you'll want to find out what ICM is and how to use ICM during play. It's a pretty important concept for any SNG or MTT player.

There are a number of online ICM calculators out there, but this is the only downloadable one as far as I'm aware.

CHIMP Screenshot



APE is a tournament M and Q calculator. If you want to find out the M and Q for multiple players at a time during or after an MTT or SNG, just plug the stack sizes in to APE and it will work them out for you.

Working out M and Q by hand is straightforward, but if you want to quickly get a visual display of M and Q for multiple players, APE is a better option.

APE Screenshot

PokerBank web tools.

"What's that you say? Even more free tools?" I probably don't hear you exclaim. Nonetheless, here are a few more free web-based tools from ThePokerBank that you may also find useful.

Bankroll Calculator

Bankroll Calculator

Input the size of your current bankroll and the calculator will tell you four things:

  1. What stakes/level you should be playing at.
  2. How many buy-ins you have for that level.
  3. How far away you are from the next level (in buy-ins).
  4. A snippet of advice on how to play at the level you are bankrolled for.

It's a little different to the Fergulator tool, as Fergulator tells you how much you can safely buy in for at any level and when you should cash out. This bankroll calculator tells you what stakes games you should be playing.

Odds converter

Poker Odds Converter

Quickly convert between percentage odds (e.g. 35%) and ratio odds (e.g. 4 to 1) with this web-based poker odds converter.

It does exactly the same job as hoRatio – this is just like an online version.

Time to move up stakes calculator

Time To Move Stakes Calculator

This calculator estimates how long it will take before you can move up to the next level (or next "stakes", whatever you want to call it) based on a few simple variables.

This particular tool is actually within a larger article, so just scroll down to the middle somewhere and you'll find it.

A few notes about these PokerBank Tools.

- They are Windows-only, so they'll fit right in alongside your favorite Windows 7 poker rooms. Or in other words, they won't work on your Mac or on your Linux OS. Sorry about that. However, they all work perfectly well under Parallels and WINE though.

- They are not buggy as far as I'm aware. I've used them a lot myself and they've been perfectly fine for me. But just to cover my back, you download and use these tools at your own risk.


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