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Bovada accepts US players. Perfect.

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My Rating: A
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100% up to $1,000 Bonus

Bovada Poker overview 2014.

Bovada is an independent room with a very unique and stylish poker client (one of my favourites in fact). The room is let down by its lower than average player traffic. However, it is a great room for micro/low limit players looking for easy money.

  • One of the best poker clients. Very stylish software and an overall enjoyable place to play.
  • Very soft competition at the micro stakes.
  • Lower than average player volume.

It is a real shame that Bovada does not receive more traffic than it does, as the poker client is very classy and makes you feel like a star at the tables as you play. Based on the software alone, Bovada would easily be one of my favourite places to play on a regular basis.

However, the low traffic volume means that there is not enough action for high stakes players ($200NL and above). If you play below those stakes though, Bovada is a fantastic opportunity for you to win easy money.

Bovada competition and traffic.

  • Very soft competition.
  • Traffic is good/okay if you play up to the $200NL stakes.
  • Not an ideal room for regular high stakes grinders.

Bovada is a top tier website for traffic, but it is in the low end of that top tier. There is enough traffic to not have a problem finding a few good active tables at the popular limits.

However, the micro limits at Bovada are some of the softest you are going to find. The best thing is that these bad players extend from $10NL right up to $100 and $200NL.

Bovada runs a very popular casino and sportsbook. These gamblers often drift in to the poker room with big bankrolls, only looking to play poker for fun. This a unique environment where the tables are regularly full of extremely bad players. All you have to do is sit and wait for them to pass by, which happens a lot more often than you might think.

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Bovada software.

  • Love the software. Amazingly sleek and smooth.
  • HoldemManager and PT3 supported.
  • Only a maximum of 4 tables at a time.

I love Bovada's software. There isn't a poker client out there that runs as smoothly as this one whilst making you feel like a real high roller at the same time, even if you are playing $10NL.

The Bovada Poker lobby is fast and easy to use, but then that is not a difficult task anyway with the low number of tables. However, the true style and class really kicks in when you open up the tables and start playing. Everything runs as smoothly as you could want and the resizeable tables are very well constructed, making multi-tabling super easy. This is one of the reasons why it's one of the top sites for playing online poker on Windows 7.

My only gripe with the Bovada Poker software is that you can only have a maximum of 4 tables open at a time. But then again, this does help to deter the regular grinders, which in turn keeps the competition nice and soft for us to take advantage of.

Bovada Poker bonus.

100% up to $1,000 Bonus

The Bovada bonus is unique in that it's not just a single-deposit match bonus. You can make as many deposits as you like in the 60 day period to earn as much of the $1,000 bonus as you can.

The bonus is given out automatically to all new players. There is no need for any bonus codes, referral codes or anything like that.

Bovada Poker bonus details.

General Bonus Details
Bonus: $1,000
Match: 100%
Time: 60 days
Increments: $10+
Bonus Code: Use Link
Redeeming Bonus Details
Poker Points earned per $1 rake paid: 3
Poker Points needed per $1 of bonus: 5
Total Poker Points needed to redeem bonus: 5,000
Total rake paid to redeem bonus: $1,667
Bonusback: 60%

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