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Mac Friendly Online PokerThis page is dedicated to providing information on the top Mac friendly poker rooms for those of you that have the pleasure of owning an iMac, Macbook or something along those lines.

Not all poker rooms offer a Mac version of their poker client, which means that your choice is slightly limited when it comes to choosing a poker room.

Nonetheless, all of the Mac OS X compatible poker rooms below are great to play at and work well with Apple Mac computers.

Best Mac friendly rooms for 2014.

Rank Room Rating Network App Browser Bonus Visit
888 Poker Logo
888 Poker A - No No $400 Play Now
Sky Poker Logo
Sky Poker B+ - No No - Play Now
Aced Poker Logo
Aced Poker B Merge Yes No $5,000 Play Now
Party Poker Logo
Party Poker B - Yes No $500 Play Now
Betsafe Poker Logo
Betsafe Poker C OnGame Yes No $1,000 Play Now
PokerStars Logo
PokerStars C- - Yes No $600 Play Now
Poker Heaven Logo
Poker Heaven D IPN No No €1,000 Play Now

Visit Aced Poker - The top Mac-friendly poker room

Why aren't all poker rooms Mac friendly?

The majority of poker rooms offer a .exe file of their poker room client for players to download and install on their computers. Unfortunately, Mac computers are unable to work with .exe files and so cannot install the rooms (this is the exactly the same problem for Ubuntu poker players).

This means that the poker rooms will have to make a separate version of the poker room client specifically for Mac computers. However, the disappointing fact is that not all poker rooms take the time to create a Mac-friendly poker room client (which is their loss more than anything).

What's the difference between download and no download?

There are two ways for poker rooms to create Mac friendly poker rooms:

  • No download - An instant-play poker room that can be played in your browser.
  • Download - A fully installable poker client that works with Mac computers.

The Mac friendly poker rooms that offer a downloadable client (see .dmg poker sites) have the advantage over the no download rooms as they have better graphics and have more in-game features available. You can play for real money just as easily at both of these types of Mac poker rooms, but the download ones are better overall.

If you are a serious player, I would recommend that you choose the downloadable Mac friendly rooms over the instant play rooms.

Mac poker apps.

Mac Poker Apps In The Dock

Here's a list of all the poker apps I know of that you can install for free on your Mac. All of these Mac poker apps allow you to play for fun or for real money.

Rank Room Rating Network Mac App Bonus Match Visit
Aced Poker Logo
Aced Poker B Merge Yes $5,000 200% Visit
Party Poker Logo
Party Poker B - Yes $500 100% Visit
Betsafe Poker Logo
Betsafe Poker C OnGame Yes $1,000 100% Visit
PokerStars Logo
PokerStars C- - Yes $600 100% Visit

Which is the best Mac friendly poker room?

As mentioned, the poker rooms offering a downloadable client for Mac OS X computers have the advantage over the instant play versions for Mac players. Therefore I would recommend the Mac poker players choose from either of these top two Mac friendly rooms:Full TiltPokerStars

If you want a Mac friendly poker room that offers rakeback at the same time, your choice is limited to the Full Tilt room, which is a highly recommended room anyway.

Can I run non-Mac friendly poker rooms on my Mac?

It is possible to run Windows on your Mac computer. If you do that, you should have no trouble downloading and installing all of the online poker rooms designed for Windows.

  • Parallels - This software allows you to run Windows inside of the Mac OS, which is the easiest way to play at poker rooms that will only run on Windows within your current OS.
  • Boot Camp - This is a free utility that actually comes with your Mac. It allows you to run Windows on your Mac, but you have to reboot your Mac to run Windows each time you want to play at a non-Mac poker room.

However, with a Mac OS X computer I would be more than happy playing at either PokerStars or Party Poker, which are two great poker rooms in the world of online poker anyway. Best of luck with whichever option you choose.

More Mac poker room information.

Does this page not quite cut the mustard? Check out my friend Roger's Mac poker website for a bunch more reviews on Mac compatible poker rooms (he also has a poker Mac section for French poker players).

Roger's site is dedicated to providing tips and guides for Mac and Linux friendly poker sites. All of the information on his website is also regularly updated.

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