Aces Probabilities and Odds

Want to find out the probabilities of being dealt an ace before the flop in Texas Hold'em? Use the tables below to help you find the different aces odds based on the situation and the number of players at the table.

Aces probabilities odds charts.

Probability any player is dealt an ace.
# Players % Odds
2 18%
3 40%
4 50%
5 59%
6 66%
7 73%
8 78%
9 83%
You have an ace, probability another player does.
# Players % Odds
2 12%
3 23%
4 32%
5 41%
6 50%
7 57%
8 64%
9 69%
You have no ace, probability another player does.
# Players % Odds
2 16%
3 29%
4 41%
5 51%
6 60%
7 68%
8 74%
9 80%

Probability of being dealt an ace in any Texas Hold'em game is 15%.

How to use aces odds.

These tables are not going to be of much use to you whilst you play, but it is useful information on the probabilities of hands with aces turning up at your table.

The most useful information from these aces odds tables is that the likelihood of a player being dealt an ace increases with the number of players at the table.

The likelihood of another player holding an ace if you hold an ace yourself table (top right) is interesting. There is a fairly high probability that another player at a 9-seater table holds an ace if you do as well. This means that we should be cautious when dealt weak aces and should fold them in early position. There is a chance that we were the only player at the table holding an ace, but we are saving ourselves more money in the long run for when we come up against another player with a better ace than ours.

Playing aces in Texas Hold'em.

An ace is the highest ranking card in Texas Hold'em and can be played either high or low. This means that if you are dealt an ace preflop, there is a fair chance that you hold one of the strongest hands at the table. If you are all-in with an opponent and they do not have a pocket pair or a better ace, you are the favorite to win the hand.

However, you should be careful to not become overly attached to the hand when you are dealt an Ace, because there is a fair chance that you will lose a sizeable proportion of your stack if you get into a hand with another player that holds a better ace than you (e.g. A9 vs AQ).

Be careful to not overvalue hands with aces, as they can get you in to a lot of trouble if you do not have a good kicker.

For strategy guides on how to play hands with aces, take a look at the rag aces and pocket aces articles.

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