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Here's a nice free pot odds calculator tool from ThePokerBank called "SPOC". Enjoy.

Download SPOCv2.5

What is SPOC?

SPOC is a free Simple Pot Odds Calculator program that calculates your pot odds and odds of completing your draw based on the number of outs you have and on the pot and bet sizes.

It also tells you how much more you would need to win after completing your draw to break even if you do not currently have the correct odds to call.

It stays on top of other windows during play and helps you to work out your odds with those tricky drawing hands.

SPOC Program

Note 1: As you can see on the bottom line, SPOCv2.5 shows that would need to win a further $22.22 from you opponent later on in the hand to break if you make the call in this spot. This is related to implied odds.

Note 2: In SPOC, the "Pot $" field includes your opponent's current bet. So in the example above, a opponent has just bet $10 in to an existing $10 pot, making the Pot $ $20 and the Bet $ $10

Why use SPOC?

SPOC is really basic, but then that's the beauty of it. SPOC is not meant for just blindly churning out the odds when you have a drawing hand, it's designed to help you form a better understanding of ratios and all that mathematical stuff to do with drawing hands.

If you want a program that automatically outputs the stats and tells you what to do, you can pay $69.95 for Texas Calculatem. If you want to get to grips with drawing odds and familiarize yourself with the most common ratios and percentages for different situations, try SPOC.

So please, for your own good and the benefit of your game use your head as much as possible. In fact, as soon as you get used to the numbers just leave SPOC behind. It's a great tool for learning - just don't grow to rely on it.

How to use SPOC.

SPOC ExampleBefore you use SPOC, it's best that you familiarize yourself with the pot odds article. Just remember that:

If your pot odds are greater than your chances of hitting your draw. CALL.

The odds charts will also be helpful for figuring out how many outs you have for different drawing hands. But for quick reference:

  • Flush draw - 9 outs.
  • Straight draw - 8 outs.
  • Gutshot straight draw - 4 outs.
  • Straight and flush draw - 15 outs.

SPOC features.

  • Calculates pot odds.
  • Calculates implied odds (or how much you need to win if you do not have the right pot odds to continue).

Old versions.

SPOCv2.1 - An earlier version of SPOC without the implied odds calculator built in. Handy for those of you that are too optimistic with the amount of money you expect to win after hitting your draw.

Buy Iain a beer.

If SPOC has helped you win a few extra pots and taught you how to make the right calls when on drawing hands, why not send Iain (the developer) a few dollars for a congratulatory beer?


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