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Cake Network

Cake Poker Network

The Cake Network has climbed up the traffic rankings over recent years due to its 33% rakeback and acceptance of US players.

The poker client is decent, but the network is let down by the fact that Poker Tracker and HoldemManager are not compatible with the software.

Top Cake network rooms.

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Network details.

Cake network review

  • Accepts US players and offers 33% rakeback.
  • Relatively high traffic room for a network.
  • Not compatible with Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager.

Cake Poker is one of the better poker networks out there. It is behind iPoker and OnGame in terms of traffic, but it is quickly becoming a popular destination for experienced players due to the network's acceptance of US players and higher-than-average rakeback deal of 33%.

The network has done very well to rise up the traffic rankings as it has done over the years, and with a bit of luck it may even grow to be an even bigger force over the next few years.

Cake Poker Lobby Cake Poker Table

Cake network traffic and competition.

The Cake network has enough of a player volume to keep the tables busy up to $200NL. You will have no problems multi-tabling at the most popular stakes and finding fresh screen-names from one session to the next. If you're a regular at $400NL or higher though, you may struggle to find enough action.

The competition on the Cake network is slightly tougher than at most rooms and networks. The 33% rakeback deals attract a lot of regular players, so it's worth keeping on your toes and avoiding the tables that are full of regular grinders. Just as long as you are careful though, it is possible to make money at Cake skins.

Cake network software.

  • You can multi-table over 24 tables at a time.
  • Software is pretty standard.
  • Not compatible with Macs, Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager.

The Cake network software improved greatly after they introduced the resizeable windows. Nowadays the software does everything you would want a poker client to do, although not really excelling in any one area. The graphics are also pretty basic and lackluster.

The worst aspect of the Cake network software is that it is not Mac, Poker Tracker or HoldemManager compatible. However, on the plus side you can multi-table over 24 tables at a time, which is handy if you are some sort of super multi-tabler.

Cake PokerTop room on the Cake network.

Cake Poker is the flagship room on the Cake Network (would you have guessed?), so it makes sense to place Cake as the top room on the network.

Visit the Cake Poker website

I've never has a problem with the support at Cake and the bonus is good. Other than that, I don't have anything else to say except for that Cake Poker is simply the most popular room on the network.

Other good Cake network rooms.

Most of the rooms on the Cake network are very reputable. The only one I would avoid is BetUS (a bit of a dodgy sportsbook from what I've heard). But if I had to choose two others...

PlayersOnly PokerPlayersOnly is a very nice room. The flash website is a bit annoying but after you have downloaded the client it's all plain sailing from there. A pleasant and reputable room on the Cake network.

PowerPokerPower Poker would come in at #3. It's a new room on the network, but the owner of the room is a really cool guy and knows a lot about online poker. I can see it becoming pretty big in the future.

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