General Texas Hold'em Strategy


General Strategy

Below is a table of the strategy articles under the "general strategy" section.

The general Texas Hold'em strategy section is comfortably the biggest on the site and contains a number of high utility articles. However, if you're looking for essential strategy, I would advise that you check out the basic strategy section first.

It's kinda hard to describe the nature of these articles aside from the fact that they discuss more general concepts and situations that you will find yourself in at the Texas Hold'em table. Take a look and see for yourself.

General Texas Hold'em strategy articles.

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Title Level Category Utility
10 Tips For Beginners 1 General 8/10
Micro Limit Strategy 1 General 7/10
Changing Gears 1 General 5/10
Freeroll Tips 1 General 4/10
Online Poker Tells 1 General 2/10
Importance Of Aggression 2 General 8/10
Loose Table Strategy 2 General 6/10
Tight Table Strategy 2 General 6/10
Betting vs. Check Raising 2 General 6/10
Short Stack Strategy 2 General 6/10
Multi Tabling 2 General 6/10
Small Blind Strategy 2 General 5/10
Initial Table Analysis 2 General 4/10
Stealing Blinds 2 General 4/10
Small Ball Poker 3 General 6/10
Betting Into The Preflop Raiser 3 General 5/10
Putting Players On A Hand 4 General 8/10
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General strategy section highlights.

Important general strategy articles.

The 3 articles that your should definitely read from the general strategy section are:

  1. Bet sizing
  2. Initiative
  3. The REM process

Bet sizing is one of the most fundamental skills in no limit Poker, so that article is pretty essential. Initiative is more of a concept, but it does highlight just how advantageous it can be to be aggressive by betting and raising as opposed to checking and calling the majority of the time.

The REM process is an amazing framework for playing hands in NL Hold'em, but it's not an easy read if you're new to the game. The article has been split up in to 3 separate sections to cover all of the most important information, so brace yourself for a big read.

Other great general strategy articles.

The 10 tips for beginners article is one of the most popular out of all the strategy articles on this site. The tips are fairly basic, but it's an easy read and is one of the most beneficial articles for you to study if you are new to the game.

Putting players on a hand is a guest article from Chris 'casaubon' Mortell. It's a hefty 2,000 words, but it's takes a very thorough look at hand reading through the breaking down of an example hand.

Two of my personal favourite pieces from the general section are the range merging and 3-betting articles, as both of these were a pleasure to write. I also feel that the range merging article explains this tricky concept a lot more clearly than at many other poker websites.

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