Specific Plays In Texas Hold'em


Texas Hold'em Plays

The following guides provide information on how to successfully perform a variety of different "plays" at the Texas Hold'em tables.

Whilst a lot of these plays may look pretty clever, you have to remember that there is a time and a place for everything in Texas Hold'em. Making a squeeze play for the sake of trying to be tricky without any real reasoning is not going to be profitable I'm afraid.

Texas Hold'em plays articles.

Title Level Category Utility
The Continuation Bet Beginner Plays 8/10
The Semi Bluff Beginner Plays 8/10
The Free Card Beginner Plays 7/10
The Check Raise Beginner Plays 7/10
The Blocking Bet Beginner Plays 5/10
The Stop and Go Beginner Plays 5/10
The Float Play Advanced Plays 6/10
The Double Barrel Advanced Plays 6/10
The Squeeze Advanced Plays 5/10
The 3Bet Expert Plays 7/10
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Specific plays section highlights.

Important plays to learn for Texas Hold'em.

Two of the most important plays that you should familiarize yourself with are:

The continuation bet is one of those things that takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Continuation betting is one of the easiest ways to add that little extra to your win rate as a beginner player if you can use it correctly. The sooner you learn how to continuation bet the better.

The check raise is so powerful and deceptive that it actually gets banned in a few card rooms (I bet you're really interested in it now), even though it is a perfectly legitimate play. If you are yet to discover this play you will open up a whole new dynamic to your game after you learn how to use the check raise effectively.

Other interesting specific plays.

Pulling off a successful float play is one of the most satisfying feelings in Texas Hold'em. When everything falls in to place and you take down a pot with a float play you feel like the God of poker. But as with any other play, don't forget that there is a time and a place for a float, otherwise you will be leaking chips like a fiend as you chase after that one moment of greatness.

Just remember that even though these plays will open up and expand your Texas Hold'em skills repertoire, always remember to use common sense before attempting any "fancy plays" at the table.

Common sense trumps extravagance every time in Hold'em (and every other game of poker for that matter). Don't forget that.

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