Poker Concepts


Here are some poker concepts. These "concepts" build upon the basics and mathematics of poker strategy. The goal of these concepts is to help you think differently about the way you play poker.

This section has no structure. Pick whichever concept sounds the most interesting. You just want to add a few new ideas in to your game, the order doesn't matter

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Title Level Category Utility
Initiative 2 Concepts 9/10
Stack Sizes 2 Concepts 7/10
Gap Concept 2 Concepts 6/10
Pot Committed 2 Concepts 5/10
Effective Stacks 2 Concepts 4/10
Way Ahead Way Behind 2 Concepts 4/10
Range Balancing 3 Concepts 8/10
Stack To Pot Ratio (SPR) 3 Concepts 8/10
Relative Position 3 Concepts 8/10
Value Betting 3 Concepts 7/10
Progressive Bet Sizing 3 Concepts 6/10
The REM Process 4 Concepts 9/10
The REM Process - Equity 4 Concepts 8/10
The REM Process - Range 4 Concepts 8/10
Thin Value 4 Concepts 7/10
The REM Process - Maximize 4 Concepts 6/10
Range Merging 4 Concepts 4/10
Elastic and Inelastic Ranges 4 Concepts 4/10
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If you could only read up on one concept, I'd go for Relative Position. Position is key, and relative position will help you to spot dangerous preflop situations. This concept will save you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

If you can read more than one (ideal situation), I'd recommend The REM Process. Range-Equity-Maximize completely changed the way I think about poker. This concept will help you win more money over the long run.

Hopefully these topics will give you something to think about. And that's good, because if they're giving you something to think about, your game is evolving.

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