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"Other" Strategy

Here are the strategy articles contained in the "other" section of the main strategy page.

These are not the sort of strategy articles that are going to teach you about the mathematics of the game or how to play small pocket pairs, but they do contain a few handy tips for helping you to win/save more money.

Other Texas Hold'em strategy articles.

Title Level Category Utility
Player Notes Beginner Other 6/10
Poker Winrate Beginner Other 4/10
Variance Beginner Other 3/10
Counterfeiting Beginner Other 3/10
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"Other" strategy section highlights.

Important strategy articles from the "other" section.

It's a bit hard to consider strategy articles classed in an "other" section important, but if I had to choose 2 articles with the highest value they would be the articles on:

The poker playing styles article highlights the different possible playing styles in Texas Hold'em and goes on to mention which playing styles are profitable and which ones that are generally unprofitable. This information will be a real eye-opener if you play lots of hands and rarely make bets or raises.

The "how to improve your game" article needs no introduction whatsoever. I guess you'll just have to read that one to find out what sort of exotic information could possibly be contained within. I like to think that the tips are pretty useful though.

A few more interesting articles from the "other" section.

One of the first articles that I wrote for the site was online poker and exchange rates. At the time I thought players would find it really interesting to find out about that the fact that exchange rates can move up or down between depositing and withdrawing money (Bitcoin especially), but on second thought it really isn't quite as groundbreaking as I initially anticipated. I'm hoping that at least one person finds it useful.

Playing poker drunk is something we're all familiar with. At the end of the day though, there is not a lot more that I can do with the tips in this article apart from emphasize the "stop playing poker drunk or end up losing money" strategy.

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