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Entraction Poker Network

Entraction Poker Network

Entraction is the current name for the network that used to be known as the "B2B network" or "24hNetwork". Either way, the Entraction Network is currently the appropriate name for the network.

Entraction is a lower tier network in terms of traffic and has very basic software for its poker clients. The standard currency at the poker tables is Euros (instead of Dollars).

Top Entraction network rooms.

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Network details.

Entraction Poker Network Review

  • 30% rakeback available on this network.
  • Network is both PT and HEM compatible.
  • US players not accepted.
  • Basic and bland software.

The best aspects of the Entraction network are the 30% rakeback deals and compatibility with poker tracking software. However, the network suffers from lower than average traffic with software that looks like it was designed in the dark ages.

NoiQ Poker Lobby NoiQ Poker Table

Entraction network traffic and competition.

Entraction has lower player traffic than at most poker rooms and networks, but it is at the top of the lower-traffic rooms. In other words, you should be fine multi-tabling up to €200NL. However, if you play at higher stakes than that you are going to have trouble finding enough action to make the Entraction network worth playing at.

As far as the popular networks go, Entraction receives more player traffic than Merge, but less than iPoker, OnGame and Cake.

Players on the Entraction network are pleasantly soft for a rakeback network / room, as the majority of rakeback rooms are filled with experienced players taking advantage of the rakeback deals. I believe that the Entraction network is not currently the most well-known rakeback network in the world of poker, which is the likely reason why the competition has remained softer than others (like the Cake network for example).

Entraction poker network software.

  • Easy to filter tables in the lobby and play at multiple-tables.
  • Compatible with HEM and PT.
  • Graphics are extremely basic.
  • Not compatible with Macs.

The good aspects of the Entraction software are the PT/HEM compatibility and the user-friendly lobby. After that though, you just can't expect to be dazzled by the poker clients on this network in any way, although on the plus side I have not found them to be glitchy or buggy during play.

The table designs look like they haven't been updated since 2005 and the software features are lacking when compared to more advanced rooms like PokerStars. My biggest gripe with Entraction poker rooms is that bets are not accompanied by adjacent numerical values, so things can start to get a little tricky if you are playing at multiple tables and not paying full attention.

All in all, there are no real issues with the Entraction poker software. It's just that it's basic and unexciting.

NoiQ PokerTop room on the Entraction (B2B) network.

The top room on the Entraction network is NoiQ Poker.

Visit the NoiQ Poker website

NoiQ has a very well constructed website and is one of the most popular skins on the Entraction network. The NoiQ company also runs a reputable sportsbook and casino along with their poker room.

Other good Entraction rooms.

NoiQ is the only room that I know well enough on the Entraction network to be able to recommend to other players.

The only other two rooms worth mentioning (purely because they are the only names I slightly recognize) are 24hPoker and Devilfish Poker. However, I do not believe that these two rooms are as well-established as NoiQ, so I would stick with NoiQ unless you have reason to look elsewhere on the Entraction network.

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