This is an archived page. The information is probably out of date, but I've left it here in case you find it useful for something.

Why Bodog Is Better Than Wherever You're Playing Right Now

Bodog Poker Screenshot

I may regret letting you in on this one, but whatever, I guess I'm too helpful/cool/handsome for my own good.

Basically, I've been playing at Bodog Poker a lot lately. Why? Because I'm winning a hell of a lot more money than I have been at any other US poker room. It's the softest US friendly poker room out there right now, and it's not even close.

Why do I win so much more at Bodog?

Because the players are absolutely terrible. Seriously, it's incredible.

Just look at this graph…

Bodog Poker Bad Players Graph
This is a cool graph that shows the percentage of winning poker players seated at each online poker room throughout the day.

I can tell you that the players are even worse than the graph indicates as well.

It's not just that Bodog has very few winning players -- it's that the losing players are not just bad, they're exceptionally bad. You're not winning small pots off these players when they limp in and fold, you're winning huge pots when they call all-in with second pair or worse -- they just love to gamble.

I've played at all the rooms on that list, and Bodog is on par with Party Poker. If you're a US player you'll have to take my word for it, but trust me when I say the players I've seen at Bodog are just as bad (if not worse).

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Why are the players so bad?

I'm not exactly sure, but here's my theory:

The source: Bodog Casino and Bodog Sports.

Bodog Casino and Sports

The focal point of the Bodog website isn't poker. The casino and sports betting sections are much, much more popular. Just look at this Google search terms graph:

Bodog Search Trends Graph
The vast majority of players at Bodog are either casino gamblers or sports bettors.

Only a tiny fraction of people searching for the Bodog website are looking for the poker room specifically. Everyone else is looking to gamble in the casino or sportsbook. I'm sure you're thinking "that's all well and good, but so what?"

Well, this means that the Bodog poker room is rammed full of casino gamblers and sports bettors that are looking to play poker for fun.They know the basics of Texas Hold'em (the most popular game on offer), but they have zero skill. They head to the poker room expecting to lose, and they keep on playing until they do.

So instead of sitting down at a table full of experienced poker players, you are sitting down with a bunch of gamblers ready to hand their money over. It's unlike any other online poker room accepting US players right now.

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Should you make the move?

If you like winning money, yes.

However, I'm not going to lie and tell you that Bodog is for everyone, because it's not. Due to the fact that the room gets most of its traffic from gamblers jumping over from the casino, the player pool isn't huge. Therefore, there is limited action at the $400NL stakes and above. $200NL is okay most of the time, but you'd struggle to get much action above that. So if you're a high stakes player, Bodog isn't a great option.

However, if you're playing at $200NL or lower ($100NL or lower ideally), Bodog is a goldmine.

Honestly, if I wasn't also playing at Party Poker right now (it's just like Bodog, but doesn't accept US players), I'd shift my entire bankroll over to Bodog.

Quick tip: Once you get going, make sure you're taking advantage of the note taking feature. It's the perfect tool for tagging the biggest fish and milking them from one session to the next.

Can you afford to miss out on this?

The games at Bodog Poker aren't going to be soft forever. At this time of writing though (2010), let's just say I've been adding more money than ever to my weekend beer fund thanks to the bad players at Bodog.

It doesn't bother me if you move to Bodog Poker or not -- in fact I'd prefer it if you didn't.

It's just that every day you spend playing at a different online poker room, is another day you've lost your chance to take advantage of some fish deciding to call all-in with K8o when you've got KK.

Bodog are currently offering a 100% up to $1,000 bonus too (for all new players). Add that to the soft competition and you have the opportunity to win a ridiculous amount of money if you know how to play good poker.

I'll leave it at that.

I could go on and on showing you just how good the games currently are at Bodog Poker, but I won't for two reasons:

  1. I don't need to persuade you to check it out.
  2. I'm going to get a few 100 hands in for myself at Bodog now.

Feel free to join me, but if not, no worries. It's not going be to me leaving any money on the table in my next session.

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