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NoiQ Poker Rakeback

NoiQ Poker Rakeback


+ 100% UP TO €500 BONUS

Step 0: Delete cookies.

Rakeback Cookies

This step is to make sure that you will get tracked as a rakeback player when you sign up to NoiQ Poker. It is not essential, but it does help to prevent any possible problems with tracking.

Step 1: Visit NoiQ Poker.

Sign up for rakeback at NoiQ Poker

Use the above link to visit the NoiQ website. This is a special tracking link that allows you to get rakeback after creating your NoiQ Poker rakeback account.

Step 2: Use the signup code RAKEBANK when creating an account.
That's RAKEBANK with an 'N'. Make sure you enter it correctly when creating an account.

When you are filling in the form on the create an account page at NoiQ Poker, you will be asked to enter a "signup code". Use the signup code RAKEBANK to ensure that you are tracked as a rakeback player at NoiQ Poker.

NoiQ Poker Signup Code

Entering this signup code is not essential, but it is a good idea for you to do so to be sure that you start earning rakeback immediately after creating your account.

Step 3: Done!

That's it. You should now be set up as a rakeback player at NoiQ Poker and all ready to start earning rakeback. You should receive your first rakeback payment on the first Friday after making your first deposit and playing for real money.

If you have any questions, contact me and I will do my best to help you out.

NoiQ Poker rakeback summary.

NoiQ Poker Rakeback Details
Bonus: 100% up to €500
Bonus Deductions: -
Tournament Fees: n/a
Room Details
Network: n/a
Competition: Average
Mac Friendly: No
US Friendly: No
PT Compatible: Yes
HEM Compatible: Yes

NoiQ offers a standard rakeback deal of , which is about average for a rakeback poker room. However, there is one compelling reason why you might want to choose NoiQ Poker as your main rakeback room.

NoiQ is compatible with both Poker Tracker and HoldemManager.

The majority of other popular rakeback rooms like Cake and Aced are not PT/HEM compatible. So if you already have an account at Full Tilt, your next best option for a rakeback room that is compatible with these programs is NoiQ.

More NoiQ rakeback information.

Rakeback deal.

The NoiQ Poker rakeback deal is . This is the maximum possible rakeback amount that you can get from NoiQ Poker (and at any room on the Entraction network for that matter).

NoiQ rakeback calculation.

Contributed Rakeback MethodNoiQ Poker uses the contributed rakeback calculation method. Therefore, your rakeback is calculated from the money that you put in to the pot only.

To give you a quick example, let's say that you played a €50 pot at NoiQ and you had put €20 in to that pot. Roughly €1 (5%) will be taken from that €20 as rake. As a result, you would receive 30% of that €1 as rakeback, which would be €0.30.

In general, the more active players will receive more rakeback through the contributed method than they would through the alternative "dealt" method (which is the way rakeback is calculated at Cake Poker).

What are the different types of rakeback calculations?

NoiQ Poker rakeback payments.

NoiQ Poker rakeback payments are made weekly. Rakeback is paid every Friday for the previous week's play.

Weekly rakeback payments are currently the most popular amongst rakeback poker rooms when it comes to payments frequency. One notable exception to this however is Aced Poker rakeback, which pays rakeback daily.

NoiQ bonus and rakeback.

The NoiQ Bonus Is Not Deducted From Rakeback CalculationsNoiQ Poker will not deduct any bonus money earnings from rakeback calculations. Therefore, you will receive the full rakeback from NoiQ Poker throughout the bonus period.

Can I get rakeback at NoiQ if I already have an account?

I'm afraid not. But all is not lost, as there are still a number of quality rakeback poker rooms out there for you to choose from.

Please contact me to see if I can help you find another rakeback deal just as good as this one if you already have a NoiQ Poker account.

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