Best Bitcoin Casinos

Here's a list of bitcoin casinos that I think are reliable:

Casino Rating Why
1 Logo A+ Beautifully designed website, and I like the way they talk. My favourite.
2 Logo B+ Homepage is a bit cluttered, but apart from that it's sleek and easy. Solid.
3 Logo B Website is gorgeous, but they do not have a lot of casino games.

Last Checked: May 2024

This isn't an exhaustive list of all the bitcoin casinos in the universe (or on the Internet, for that matter). These are just the ones I've played at and like.

This is a list of casinos that allow you to deposit and bet in bitcoin. However, there are other reliable casinos that allow bitcoin to be used just as a deposit method (e.g. Bookmaker). Accepts Bitcoin Deposits.

NitrogenSports Website... beautiful.

Look at that beauty.

Why these casinos in particular?

Because they're they're easy to use, and I trust them.

1. Easy to use.

When I get the urge to gamble my money away, I just want to put my money in the hands of lady luck and see what happens. Naturally, getting slapped across the face with a fistful of my own cash is what usually happens, but nonetheless I want to get to this point seamlessly and reliably.

Therefore, the bitcoin casinos I'm listing above have a fast and minimal registration process. Also, their websites are a pleasure to play with (see the screenshot above).

Minimal registration process.

By this I mean you can open an account with not much more than a username and a password, which, frankly, is how online gambling should be.

I've created accounts at many online casinos, and I'm tired of having to enter the favourite color of my first pet's maiden name before I can get down to "business". All they need to know is that I've got money, and that I want to throw it at their roulette wheel.

So this is a list of casinos that are in tune with my needs.

2. Trust them.

I don't know these casino websites personally. In fact, I don't know them very well at all.

*instills trust*

However, I've been scammed enough times to be able to sense when the next one is coming.

I like the style of these bitcoin casinos, and I like the way their websites work. You can feel when someone has put a website together intelligently (tip: you're on one), and it's this kind of care that I appreciate. So if any of these websites end up running away with my bitcoins, I will be pleasantly suprised.

So basically; yes, I have built this list based on my gut and its feelings.

I can't promise to you that nothing will ever go wrong with these bitcoin casinos, but then again you wouldn't want me to either. It's your money you're playing with… the final analysis is all yours.

This list is here to help point you in a decent direction.

Protip: The "About" page is my favorite insight in to the mind of a website.

For what it's worth, I've sent and withdrawn bitcoins to all of the casinos in the list above, and I'll happily do it again.

That's probably why they make up my list. Based on my experience, they are reliable.

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