mBTC = millibitcoin = 1 thousandth of a bitcoin (0.001). This is equal to one chip at Seals With Clubs <= best bitcoin poker room, if I say so myself

Bitcoin Chart (Last 30 Days)

Here's a chart of the average daily price for 1 mBTC for the last 30 days. Obviously.

I know there are about a godzillion bitcoin chart websites out there, but I couldn't find a basic 30-day chart, so I made this.

Why this chart is useful.

  1. It updates with the current price every minute.
  2. Should load fast.

I'm saving a copy of the bitcoin price data myself, so we don't have to wait for the data to arrive before the chart loads. This page will also get less traffic than major bitcoin chart websites, so we're not going to get overrun with bandwidth demands.

I also have mad coding skills, so that also helps with making the chart snappy.

What has it got to do with online poker?

I play poker at a bitcoin poker site (currently Seals With Clubs). 1 Seals With Clubs chip = 1 mBTC, so that's why this chart uses mBTC.

The exchange rate fluctuates, so I want to have a rough idea of where the price is before buying bitcoins to play poker with, or taking some bitcoins out of my bankroll to buy stuff with.

But to be honest I just like knowing what the current price of a bitcoin is compared to the price over the last month.

Other Bitcoin chart websites.

As much as I love this simple chart, it probably isn't going to satisfy all your needs. Here are some other websites with useful charts:

  • BitcoinWisdom.io - My personal favourite. The crosshair is useful for measuring stuff, plus it's big and loads quickly.
  • CoinGecko.com - Charts for loads of cryptocurrencies. Can be a little difficult to navigate, but it's not terrible. The charts are plain, but they do load quickly.


There may be a day missing between the current price and the previous day's average. The data feed for the average daily prices does not immediately have the previous day's average price.

For example, if the last point on the graph shows the price for 22nd June (current price), the previous point may show the price for 20th June (most recent daily average).

This chart gets live data from bitcoinaverage.com. Their site is awesome, but I am relying on their data feed to keep this chart up to date. If their website goes down then I stop receiving fresh price data. I haven't had a problem with this so far however.

Chart Info

  • I'm using the bitcoinaverage.com API for the price data. Thanks guys.
  • I'm using Highcharts for the charting software. It's my favourite for javascript charts.

If you're having any problems viewing the chart, please send me an email at [email protected].

This is the first time I've put a live chart together so I'm looking for things to fix/improve.