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The following sites are geared toward providing information on online poker rooms through room reviews and stuff like that. Many of these have strategy and tips sub-sections, but there main focus is to review poker rooms and help you find the right room for you.

Poker portals.

BeatTheFish - Originally a poker strategy site, now a general poker portal with lengthy reviews.

Holdem Review - I like this site's design. It's easy to use and all of the content is enjoyable to read. The site is mainly focused on providing reviews of online poker rooms and all that, but it does have a great strategy section thrown in to the mix. Well worth checking out if I say so myself.

Online Poker - Built by a friend of mine back in the day, but no longer updated.

Best Poker Sites - Built by a friend of mine back in the day, but no longer updated.

Gamblista - Scrawnybob's site. Used to be called "4KingPoker" up until 2013, now it has been consolidated in to one large gambling information website, with bingo and stuff. Here's the Gamblista poker strategy section.

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Ignition Poker is the busiest US-friendly poker room and currently has the worst players.

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