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CardRunners Review

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
    • 6max: 8/10
    • FR: 8/10
    • MTT: 6/10
    • SNG: 6/10
    • Other: 9/10 - Has a great heads up cash game section.
  • Stakes: All stakes. Good variety of low, mid and high stakes strategy videos.
  • Notable Pros: Green Plastic (Taylor Caby), muddywater, sbrugby (Brian Townsend), CTS (Cole South)
  • Downloadable Videos: Yes.
  • Price: $27.99 / month + $99.99 sign up fee.
  • Website:

Visit the CardRunners website

CardRunners sample.

Visit the CardRunners website (in the middle of the homepage) for some more sample videos.

Dissapointingly there isn't a free trial at CardRunners. However, there is a day-pass for $17.99 that will allow you to watch as many videos as you like for 24 hours without having to pay the $99.99 sign up fee or subscribe fully.

What CardRunners is best at.

  • Great HU cash game videos.
  • Home to some of the biggest name pros in the world of online poker.

CardRunners has a great cash game section for both full ring and short handed cash games. However, the heads up cash game videos are the best in my opinion and are really worth taking a look at if you play HU cash exclusively.

You really can't argue with names like Taylor Caby, muddywater, Brian Townsend and Cole South. These are easily some of the best players to ever grace the online poker tables. The only coach missing from this lineup is Phil Galfond, but he has his own training site with Bluefire Poker.

What CardRunners isn't great at.

  • Not as good as Deuces Cracked.
  • $99.99 sign up fee.

Both CardRunners and Deuces Cracked specialise in NLHE cash games, which means that it's easy to compare the two. Unfortunately for CardRunners, Deuces Cracked pumps out better strategy videos on a regular basis and has a much easier to use website, so even though CardRunners has a slightly better HU section I would advise any NLHE cash game player to sign up with Deuces Cracked.

In addition to this, CardRunners has an annoying $99.99 fee, which there isn't really any need for. It's a shame really because CardRunners has a bunch of truly great pros and videos in their archive, but Deuces Cracked just does better overall.

Final thought on CardRunners.

CardRunners is best for heads up cash game strategy. However, there are some awesome cash game videos at CardRunners, but not enough to take the best cash game training site title away from Deuces Cracked. I just have to give some credit where it is due.

So if you're exclsuively a heads up player, I'd recommend CardRunners. On the other hand, if you only play HU games every now and then in between 6max or FR games, you're better off with a Deuces Cracked subscription.

Visit the CardRunners website

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