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Poker Training Sites

Poker Training Sites

As much as I hate to admit it, strategy articles will only take you so far in this modern age of online poker. Sure, the written word can teach you a lot, but training videos are like strategy articles on steroids.

The only catch with training sites is that you have to pay, but in all honesty you get so much out of these strategy videos that nobody ever concerns themselves with the small cost. So to help you find the perfect training site, here's a rundown of the most popular ones.

Compare poker training sites.

Site Free Trial Cost Downloadable Videos Coaches Best For Rating Visit
7 Days $29 /m Yes 6max / Micros 9/10 Visit
- $27.99 /m Yes HU / FR 7/10 Visit
- $30 /m Yes High Stakes 4/10 Visit
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Best overall training site.

Deuces Cracked

Deuces Cracked is hands down my favourite training site. I've had a subscription there longer than I can remember and I have no plans whatsoever to relinquish it.

  • Best value at $29 / month with no set up fee.
  • Highest overall standard of strategy. Faster learning.
  • Sleek website. Searching for and finding the exact video/strategy you're after is simple.
  • Very helpful community forum for additional strategy help. Videos are just one method of learning at DC.

It's a very rare case of quality and quantity at Deuces Cracked, with no real sign of "filler" videos there to make up the numbers. $29 a month is a seriously wise investment if you're equally serious about winning good money from poker. They also have a free 7 day trial period, so why are you not checking it out already?

Sign up for your free 7 day trial at Deuces Cracked

Best 6max and full ring cash game training site.

Deuces Cracked

DeucesCracked just about snatches the title for the best 6max and FR strategy videos in a very popular section amongst training sites. The presence of the large variety of great trainers that can convey their thoughts so well across a wide range of stakes is the reason why I give the overall cash game strategy title to DC.

You will find some of the most influential videos on cash game strategy at DeucesCracked.

Sign up for your free 7 day trial at Deuces Cracked

Best heads up training site.


Most training sites dabble in heads up cash games, but CardRunners really excels in this NLHE format with some great coaches dedicating some very thorough video series to HU strategy.

Deuces Cracked also has some great videos for HU strategy, but they're not as dedicated to this format as CR. Therefore, CardRunners is my top recommendation for anyone looking to develop a solid HU strategy from the low 25c/50c NL stakes right up to $5/$10 NL and above.

Best MTT training site.

Poker Savvy Plus

PokerSavvy Plus has the highest quality and greatest selection of videos for MTT strategy. Poker Pwnage is a close second, but Poker Savvy Plus comes out on top due to their large array and depth of content on MTTs.

Poker Savvy also offers a free 7 day trial, so there's no reason not to sign up now and start increasing your ROI in MTTs today. They also have a low monthly subscription price of $24.95, which is exceptionally good value for the strategy they deliver.

Sign up for your free 7 day trial at Poker Savvy Plus

Ask me about Training sites.

As ever, if I haven't covered anything here or if you still have some questions about training sites just give me a shout. I'm genuinely happy to help. I'm a little biased because Deuces Cracked is my training site of choice, but I'll try and be as objective as I can for your needs.

My name is Greg and my email address is greg[at]thepokerbank[dot]com.

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