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Bluefire Poker Review

Bluefire Poker
  • Overall Rating: 7/10
    • 6max: 9/10
    • FR: 7/10
    • MTT: 2/10
    • SNG: 2/10
    • Other: 3/10
  • Stakes: Mostly high stakes orientated, but there is a good volume of small and medium stakes videos.
  • Notable Pros: Phil Galfond (OMGClayAiken), Samoleus, Ryan Fee
  • Downloadable Videos: Yes.
  • Price: $30 / month + $99 activation fee.
  • Website:

Visit the Bluefire Poker website

Bluefire Poker sample.

What Bluefire Poker is best at.

  • Great high stakes strategy videos. Perfect for anyone playing at $400NL or above.
  • It's home to quite possibly the best online poker player, Phil Galfond.
  • Great strategy for cash game players.

Even though Bluefire Poker delivers strategy videos for all levels of players, it has made a reputation for itself for having a superb selection of videos geared toward higher stakes cash games, which is only to be expected with a player like Phil Galfond leading the site.

Aside from the great high stakes cash game action, there is a wealth of strategy content across the spectrum for the micro stakes players at the $10NL stakes and the small stakes grinders in and around $100NL. Cash games are clearly the site's main focus, so if you're a cash game player Bluefire Poker is highly recommended.

What Bluefire Poker isn't great at.

  • Wouldn't choose Bluefire if you play MTTs or SNGs
  • Not a wide variety of big name coaches.

Don't subscribe to Bluefire Poker if you're a tournament player. Not because they have bad tournament strategy videos, but because it's not the site's main focus. Bluefire specializes in cash game strategy (and very well if I say so myself), but not in MTT or SNG strategy just yet. I guess this is just more of a fact than a negative.

When it comes to coaches there is only a small number of familiar names and awesome coaches. With a site like Deuces Cracked you can't count the number of top-notch coaches without taking your socks off. Bluefire on the other hand has a smaller set of high quality strategy coaches. However, you can't argue with the quality videos that these coaches produce though, even if there are less of them than at some other sites.

Final thought on BluefirePoker.

Bluefire is easily my top recommendation for anyone playing at $400NL or higher. It should also be a strong consideration for experienced cash game grinders at any level. However, just go to SitnGo Grinders if you play SNGs or PokerSavvy Plus if you play MTTs - Bluefire is not geared towards tournament players.

Visit the Bluefire Poker website

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