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Poker VT Review

Poker VT
  • Overall Rating: 5/10
    • 6max: 3/10
    • FR: 5/10
    • MTT: 7/10
    • SNG: 4/10
    • Other: 1/10
  • Stakes: Mostly low stakes with some medium stakes strategy videos.
  • Notable Pros: Daniel Negreanu.
  • Downloadable Videos: No.
  • Price: $29.99 / month + $149.99 activation fee.
  • Website:

Visit the Poker VT website

Poker VT sample and 3 month trial.

Poker VT has a "free" 3 month trial. I say "free" because you actually have to pay an activation fee, so it's not really all that free at all. If you're after some truly free trials try out Deuces Cracked or PokerSavvy Plus instead.

What Poker VT is best at.

  • Good website construction.
  • Daniel Negreanu.

PokerVT has obviously spent a lot of time developing an easy-to-use website with a logical layout to help you find the right strategy videos for your game and skill level. It's generally pretty fast loading and you shouldn't have any trouble loading and viewing videos.

Also, as you probably already know PokerVT is Daniel Negreanu's training site, so you can obviously expect to find some strategy videos from him in there somewhere.

What Poker VT isn't great at.

  • Doesn't really excel in any area.
  • Videos are good but generally not as good as the videos at other training sites.
  • Videos by Daniel Negreanu are few and far between.

Unfortunately, despite the great layout and website design the overall standard of the videos are not as good as those at other top training sites like Deuces Cracked. This is not to say that the videos are bad (in fact you can learn quite a lot from them as a new player), it's just that you get more value from the videos at other sites.

In addition to this, the major selling point of having Daniel Negreanu teaching you is disappointing when you get to see the number of videos he has made for the site. There's not a lot, and his small ball poker strategy is a little suspect in my opinion.

Final thought on Poker VT.

Although the strategy videos would be ideal for beginner players, the price tag doesn't make it worth signing up for the stuff PokerVT has to offer. You're better off getting a subscription at a superior site like Deuces Cracked that has better videos and doesn't have an annoying activation fee.

Visit the Poker VT website

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