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Valueback FAQ

Valueback FAQ

In fairness, most poker rooms do not do a very good job of explaining what valueback is all about and how it works.

Hopefully this valueback FAQ will do a better job of answering the most common questions about this variant of rakeback on the OnGame network.

After you've got valueback all figured out, head to the valueback poker rooms section and see what offers are available.

Valueback basic FAQs.

What is valueback?

Valueback is simply a slight variant of rakeback offered by poker rooms on the OnGame network. You get rake paid back to your account as you do with rakeback, but you have to collect points first in order to be eligible for "valueback".

For a more thorough explanation, check out the article on what is valueback?

How does the valueback % move up and down?

With valueback, the percentage of rake you receive back to your account varies depending on how many player points you collect in a month.

  • Valueback ranges from 8% up to 40%.

The more player points you collect, the more your overall valueback will increase for that month.

How does valueback compare with rakeback?

In general, the valueback percentages are lower than the percentages you get from standard rakeback deals.

For the majority of players, valueback is not going to exceed 20%, even though it can go up to 40%.

Unless you are a regular high stakes player, you are going to get more of your rake back through rakeback deals as opposed to valueback deals. But at the end of the day, getting valueback is better than getting nothing at all, so you are still saving a decent amount of money.

Why don't they just call it rakeback?

Two reasons:

  1. It's not exactly like rakeback - you collect points to increase the rake you get back.
  2. OnGame rooms are not allowed to offer "rakeback".

Yes, yes, I know it's pretty much the same as rakeback, but the poker rooms prefer to coin this new "valueback" term and work with that.

By using a points system and calling it valueback they are not falling under the typical "rakeback poker rooms" umbrella (which is what they are trying to avoid).

Does valueback go by any other name?

Valueback is sometimes referred to as cashback or a VIP program deal (or something like that), but basically any form of rake rebate at an OnGame room is "valueback".

How do I get valueback?

Visit the valueback poker page and sign up to one of the valueback rooms. It's as easy as that.

Further valueback FAQs.

Which is better; valueback or rakeback?

Rakeback will give a higher fixed percentage of your rake back for the majority of players. Unless you play a lot of poker at the higher stakes tables, rakeback works out to be "better".

However, if you play a lot of poker, then you will be able to earn more through valueback than you would through standard rakeback deals. In addition to this, OnGame rooms offer very good new player bonuses, which makes these rooms very profitable when you combine the bonus with their valueback deals.

If you check the bonuses section, you will see that Tower Poker is currently the most profitable room to play at for new players because of its bonus and valueback.

Is it just rooms on the OnGame network that offer valueback?

Yes. OnGame poker rooms have pretty much coined the "valueback" term as their own unique form of rakeback.

Other poker rooms offer VIP deals and such, but it's just OnGame ones that offers "valueback".

Can I just get standard rakeback at OnGame poker rooms instead of this valueback?

Nope. OnGame poker rooms does not offer standard rakeback deals.

Valueback is their one and only alternative. It's not a bad one at that either.

How often will I get paid my valueback?

Payments will vary from one room to another. However, most valueback poker rooms will pay once a month.

Further information on payment details can be found on the individual valueback poker room pages.

Who pays me my valueback?

Valueback is calculated and paid by the poker room itself. So if you play for real money and get valueback at Tower Poker, your valueback will be calculated and paid in to your account by the Tower Poker room.

Do I still get the sign up bonus along with valueback?

Yes. You get to take advantage of both the new player sign up bonus and the valueback on offer at all of the valueback poker rooms on the OnGame network.

Bonus money is not deducted from your valueback calculations.

Can I check how much valueback I have earned?

Yep. You can check how much valueback you have accumulated along with your VIP level status for the month in your account section of the poker room you are playing at.

Valueback is simply a sister of the standard rakeback deals, so this valueback FAQ is shorter than the rakeback FAQ. However, if I've missed anything or haven't explained something very well, please don't hesitate to contact me at greg[at]thepokerbank[dot]com.

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