Online Poker Etiquette


Just as live poker has its own set of live poker etiquette rules to help the game run smoothly and enjoyable for all, online poker has developed its unique set of etiquette rules to help create a pleasant online atmosphere.

Even though the software controls most movements that you would normally have to make for yourself in a live game, there are still a number of variables that you can control that can deteriorate the quality of the game if abused. Below is a list of things you can do to help the games run as smoothly as possible whilst playing online.

1. Keep a good connection.

Having a good Internet connection is not only beneficial to your own online game but beneficial to the rest of the players at the table as well. It can be very frustrating when you miss out on winning a big pot because you were disconnected, but it is just as frustrating for the other players if you are constantly forcing them to wait while you try to reconnect in the middle of hands.

Most poker room software allows you a set amount of time to try and reconnect to finish off the hand, so if you use this time on a regular basis you are slowing down the game for everyone else.

2. Pay attention to the table.

When it is your turn to act, you are given an allocated amount of time in which to make an action. The software is usually quite generous with the amount of time that they give you; so try to only use the amount of time that is necessary before making a decision.

By no means should you try and rush every decision you make, but if you are not paying attention and let the timer run for a long time before making a decision every time then it can become a little tedious for the other players at the table.

3. Don’t abuse the chat box.

The chat box is useful for light discussion about poker and other matters. The chat box should not be used to berate other players at the table or to tell other players about your ability. The other players are not interested in how good a poker player you think you are or how bad you thought their play was.

Remember that your opponents are real people too. That is something often forgotten amongst online players.

There is no benefit from making offensive or annoying comments in the chat box, and you will only end up having some of the players out to get you. The chat box is a privilege not a right, and the poker room moderators can easily take you ability to chat away from you.

4. Don’t discuss hands that you folded.

When you are not in a hand, you should not talk about the cards that you folded whilst other players are still participating in the same hand. If you discuss what cards you mucked then it could give other players in the hand an advantage if they know what will not come out on the board, so don’t influence play by letting other players know information that they shouldn't. This kind of behavior is frowned upon both in live and online play.

Online poker etiquette overview.

The good thing about online poker is that the software helps keep you from making simple etiquette mistakes by having more control over the way you bet and act. Just remember that poker live and online is meant to be enjoyed by you and the other players, so try your best to make it that way.

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