Betfair Poker Rakeback

As of 12th of July 2010, Betfair no longer offers rakeback to new players. Sorry.

Betfair will soon be moving to the OnGame network, which is the reason why the rakeback deal has stopped. I'd highly recommend that you check out Full Tilt rakeback or Ultimate Bet rakeback instead.

Betfair Poker Rakeback


+ 100% UP TO $1,500 BONUS

Step 0: Delete cookies.

Rakeback Cookies

This step is to make sure that you will get tracked as a rakeback player when you sign up to Betfair Poker. It is not essential, but it does help to prevent any possible problems with tracking.

Step 1: Visit Betfair Poker.

Sign up for 40% rakeback at Betfair Poker

Use the above link to visit the Betfair Poker website. This is important when signing up for Betfair rakeback, as this is a unique tracking link that ensure that you will receive rakeback at Betfair after creating your account.

Step 2: Download the Betfair software and create an account.

Download the Betfair Poker software after visiting the site. After the Betfair software has been installed, run the software and click to create an account.

Create A Rakeback Account At Betfair

If you followed the link in Step 1, you will be tracked as a rakeback player when creating your account.

Step 3: Fill in your details and use the promotion code PBANKS.

Fill in your details as normal and use the unique Betfair promotion code PBANKS.

Betfair Promotion Code

This promotion code is not essential for tracking you as a rakeback player (following the link from this site is the key part), but it allows you to receive the maximum Betfair bonus of 100% up to $1,500 in addition to your rakeback.

Step 4: Done!

As long as you followed the rakeback link at the top of the page, you are all set to start earning rakeback at Betfair Poker. You will start off with the maximum 30% Betfair rakeback for all new players, which can be increased to 40% when you earn enough VIP points.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Betfair rakeback deal.

Betfair Poker rakeback summary.

  • Rakeback: 40% maximum. 30% at start.
  • Calculation: Contributed.
  • Bonus: 100% up to $1,500. Bonus is deducted from rakeback calculations.
  • Network: Independent.
  • Tournament fees: Both MTT and SNG fees included in Betfair rakeback.
  • HEM/PT: Compatible HEM only.
  • Payments: Biweekly - Payments every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

The Betfair 30% up to 40% rakeback is a good deal that is reliable and pays more frequently (every 2 weeks) than the average rakeback payment schedule. Betfair is not open to US players, so players from the US should try the Full Tilt rakeback or UB Poker rakeback deals instead.

Betfair has it's own unique software and is not part of a larger network like the Cake or Merge poker networks. However, this means that the room receives less traffic than most, which means that it is not an ideal room if you are playing out of the more popular stakes and limits.

More Betfair rakeback information.

Rakeback deal.


The Betfair rakeback deal starts at the maximum of 30% for new players and can increase up to 40% depending on how much you play and how many VIP points you earn.

VIP Points Rake / month Rakeback
0 - 39,999 £0 - £1,499 30%
40,000 - 59,999 £1,500 - £2,999 40%
60,000 - 89,999 £3,000 - £4,499 40%
90,000 - 119,999 £4,500 - £5,999 40%
120,000 - 199,999 £6,000 - £9,999 40%
200,000 - 299,999 £10,000 - £14,999 40%
3000,000+ £15,000+ 40%

players who regularly multi-table (4 tables, 25+ hours a week) at the $2.50/$5 NL Hold'em tables should be able to make it in to the 40% rakeback tier. The minimum requirements to get 40% Betfair rakeback are quite high, so you can only expect to reach this level if you are a regular high stakes player.

Most players will find themselves earning rakeback at Betfair at 30%.

The sliding scale for Betfair rakeback is very similar to that of the Tower Poker valueback deal.

Betfair rakeback calculation.

Contributed Rakeback MethodBetfair Poker uses the contributed rakeback calculation method, which means that rakeback is calculated from the rake taken from the money that you put it in to the pot only. This is the most common form of rakeback calculation.

So for example, if you were playing in a $100 NL Hold'em game at Betfair and you had put $20 in to the final pot amount, an average of 5% rake would be taken from that $20 ($1) and you would receive 30% of that $1 rake, which will equal 30c of rakeback from Betfair.

Because Betfair Poker uses the contributed rakeback calculation method, you will not generate rakeback from pots that you do not participate in.

What are the different types of rakeback calculations?

Betfair rakeback payments.

Betfair pays rakeback biweekly on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. These rakeback payments are for your last 2 weeks of play.

Therefore if the 1st day of the month is a Monday, you can expect t receive Betfair rakeback payments on Thursday the 4th and 18th of the month. The earliest possible payment can be on the 1st of the month and the latest possible payment can be on 21st.

Betfair bonus and rakeback.

Betfair Bonus Is Deducted From Rakeback CalculationsBetfair deducts bonus money from your MGR before calculating your 30% or 40% Betfair rakeback payment.

Bonus deductions are standard in the world of rakeback, although you will still be earning more money with the bonus and rakeback combined even though your rakeback will be slightly less at the start.

So for example, lets say that you earn 800 Betfair points within a 2 week period, which equals $20 in bonus money. This will result in you having generated around $70 in MGR. Your 30% rakeback will be calculated from the $70 MGR minus the $20 bonus money, which leaves $50. You will then receive 30% of that net $50 MGR, which is $15 (in addition to your $20 bonus money, so $35 in total).

After the Betfair bonus has finished, you will then receive 30% (or whatever your rakeback % is depending on how much you play) of the full MGR amount with no deductions. So in the first example you will receive 30% of $70, which equals $21 in rakeback.

Can I get rakeback at Betfair if I already have an account?

It is not possible for you to receive rakeback at Betfair if you have already set up an account. Unfortunately, Betfair is also an independent room, which means that it is not possible to sign up to a similar poker room with the same software and player base.

If you would like to receive rakeback at Betfair but already have an account there, feel free to contact me and I will see which other rakeback deals will be most suitable for you.

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