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Hand Strategy Guides

This section contains strategy articles for playing specific hands and certain types of hands in no limit Texas Hold'em.

Remember that these are simply rough guidelines for playing different starting hands in Texas Hold'em. There are an almost endless variety of situations that you can find yourself in with each of these hands, so they are far from being an all-round "ultimate guide".

Texas Hold'em hand strategy articles.

Title Level Category Utility
Playing Pocket Aces Beginner Hands 5/10
Playing Pocket Kings Beginner Hands 5/10
Small Pocket Pairs Intermediate Hands 7/10
Playing Ace King Intermediate Hands 6/10
Playing Pocket Queens Intermediate Hands 5/10
Rag Aces Intermediate Hands 5/10
Drawing Hands Advanced Hands 7/10
Drawing Hands w/ Aggression Advanced Hands 6/10
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If you're looking for a guide on how to play a hand of Texas Hold'em from start to finish, try the hand guide.

Hand strategy section highlights.

Important hand strategy articles.

None of the strategy guides for the specific hands above are going to prove to be essential to improving your game (hence the lower than average utility ratings), as playing solid Texas Hold'em is all about evaluating the situation and using your own logic to make the most profitable decision possible.

Playing good Texas Hold'em is not about waiting for certain hands and then playing according to a set of rules. A monkey can do that, and I'm fairly sure that I could beat a monkey at Poker.

But still, that's not to say that these hand guides can't be a little useful. The article on how to play small pocket pairs is one of the most informative articles in the section as it touches upon additional mathematical concepts such as pot odds and implied odds.

Other useful Hold'em hand strategy articles.

I like the drawing hands and playing drawing hands with aggression articles for the same reason why I like the small pocket pairs article - it teaches other important concepts about Texas Holdem that will be more valuable to you than rules and guidelines for specific hands.

Anyway, that's enough of me lecturing you on why playing according to specific rules is filthy and horrible. Just enjoy these articles and try to avoid thinking about decisions from inside a box.

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