By James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney


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Table of Contents + Time Links

  1. (0:00) Intro
    1. (0:36) Video outline
  2. (1:14) What is extrapolation?
    1. (1:14) What is poker?
    2. (1:42) Extrapolation definition
    3. (2:46) Quick extrapolation examples
      1. (2:46) Example 1
      2. (5:45) Example 2
  3. (11:04) Extrapolation theory
    1. (11:28) Where to look for information [HUD Ninja, PFR stat]
    2. (14:50) Is all information useful?
  4. (19:48) Extrapolation examples
    1. (19:48) Example 1 - Donk bettor
    2. (22:03) Example 2 - 3bettor checking the flop (experimenting with monster hands) [implied odds, reverse implied odds, inelastic]
    3. (27:06) Example 3 - BTN calls preflop and flat calls 3 streets with TPTK (thinking about future hands)
    4. (30:24) Example 4 - Villain playing TPGK passively IP
  5. (34:34) Video recap



  • Type: Concept
  • Stakes: -
  • Game: Full Ring
  • Tables: -
  • Length: 00:35:19
  • Added: 25 September 2011

"Extrapolation" overview.

(n) Extrapolation – To infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information. source

Extrapolation in poker involves observing and analyzing the decisions your opponents make, then using this information to help you figure out how to play more profitably against them in future hands.

There's a lot more that you can learn from your opponent's betting patterns and bet sizes than you may think. SplitSuit's aim in this concept video is to highlight the value of this extra information and show you how you can extrapolate for yourself.

The video begins with an explanation and some theory on extrapolation and ends with a set of 4 hand history examples that make full use of extrapolation in poker.

Defintion Of A Steal
Definition of extrapolation and how it fits in to poker strategy.

About SplitSuit.

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney is author of Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics. He also coaches at his personal website www.SplitSuit.com. He uses the alias *Split* at the 2+2 forums, which is where you can find his famous contributions to the COTW thread.

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