By James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney


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"Isolating Like a Boss" video info.


  • Type: Concept
  • Stakes: -
  • Game: Full Ring
  • Tables: -
  • Length: 00:34:45
  • Added: 23 April 2011


This concept video answers all the questions you could possibly ask about isolating in no limit Texas Hold'em, such as; "what is an isolation play?", "what kind of players should you isolate?" and "how do you isolate effectively from different positions?"

I could go on, but you get the idea.

SplitSuit also runs through numerous examples of isolating preflop, continuing with the postflop decisions that stem from these initial isolation plays. These examples cover both isolating in position and out of position. Although this video uses FR cash game examples, the ideas and concepts can be seamlessly applied to 6max cash games.

Other topics covered in this video relating to isolating in poker include; raise sizing, hand planning, position and table dynamics.

About SplitSuit.

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney is author of Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics. He also coaches at his personal website He uses the alias *Split* at the 2+2 forums, which is where you can find his famous contributions to the COTW thread.

Table of contents.

  1. (0:00) Intro
    1. (0:00) What is "isolating" and who do we isolate?
    2. (1:02) Video outline
  2. (2:12) Who do we isolate?
    1. (7:10) Example 1 - Isolating a weak-tight player in MP from the CO with K9s.
    2. (12:20) Example 2 - Isolating a weak-tight player UTG from MP with JTo.
    3. (15:07) Example 3a - Isolating a weak-loose player in EP from the CO with AJo.
    4. (21:57) Example 3b - Same hand, except this time we miss the flop.
  3. (23:43) Isolating IP vs OOP
    1. (23:43) Isolating OOP
    2. (27:45) Isolating IP
      1. (27:45) Heads-up vs multi-way isolating
      2. (30:42) Dynamic isolating (looking at the players acting behind you)
  4. (33:43) Video recap

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