HH Review 1

By James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney

HH Review 1 : HH Review 2 : HH Review 3


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Table of Contents + Time Links

  1. (0:00) Intro
    1. (0:30) Video outline
  2. (0:55) Hand 1 - 3betting with JTo on the BTN vs CO raiser. CO 4bets. [watch HUD Ninja for a video on stats, SPR]
  3. (6:07) Hand 2 - HJ raises, hero calls with JQo on the BTN. Flop is 9J4 in mult-way pot.
  4. (10:25) Hand 3 - Calling with 8Ts from MP after EP raiser and 1 caller. [Squeeze video, 4/2 pot odds rule, implied odds]
  5. (14:01) Hand 4 - Facing 3bet from BTN with KK in SB. Hero calls.
  6. (17:16) Hand 5 - Set mining with 33 after EP raise. 843 flop. [set mining is covered in Baby Pairs]
  7. (20:46) Hand 6 - Flatting BTN raiser with QTo in the BB. AQQ flop. [C-Betting Like A Champion]
  8. (25:06) Hand 7 - Opening with 6h7h UTG. 1 caller, 8hTd5h flop.
  9. (28:07) Hand 8 - Opening with AQo from EP. 5J9 flop facing donk bet.
  10. (30:35) Hand 9 - Raise Tc9c from EP. BTN calls, Qc7s5c flop.
  11. (36:34) Video recap
    1. (37:07) Report card

HH Review 1.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $200NL
  • Game: Full Ring
  • Tables: 1
  • Length: 00:38:56
  • Added: 13 September 2011

Video overview.

After 15 concept videos and 3 INVERSE vids, this is SplitSuit's first "normal" hand history (HH) review video.

What is a hand history review video? If you don't already know, it's exactly what you're expecting – a bunch of tricky hands replayed using a hand replayer with lashings of analysis and advice. This is in the unique SplitSuit style though of course, so expect useful notes throughout and much better structure than your average hand replayer training video.

The hands replayed and analysed in this video were submitted by a player from ThePokerBank's facebook page. SplitSuit grades his performance on different aspects of play on a report card at the end of the video.

There is no specific theme in the hand history vid, aside from all the hands being tricky spots that you may commonly run in to when playing FR NLHE cash games.

Defintion Of A Steal
Final report card for the Hero.

About SplitSuit.

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney is author of Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics. He also coaches at his personal website www.SplitSuit.com. He uses the alias *Split* at the 2+2 forums, which is where you can find his famous contributions to the COTW thread.

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