When 3Bets Go Wrong (Part 2)

By James 'SplitSuit' Sweeney

W3BGW Part 1 : W3BGW Part 2 : W3BGW Part 3 : W3BGW Part 4


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Table of Contents + Time Links

  1. (0:00) Intro
  2. (0:43) Hand 1 - 3betting the CO raiser from the BTN with AJo. [WA/WB]
  3. (4:24) Hand 2 - 3betting the HJ from the BTN with 86s. Hero flops flush draw and Villain checks. [Flopzilla, Flopzilla video]
  4. (8:40) Hand 3 - Four players seated, Hero in BB 3bets vs. SB with K7s. Hero flops flush draw, Villain check-raises. [PokerStove, Fold Equity, Fold Equity Calculator]
  5. (12:40) Hand 4 - 3betting the CO with A6s from the BB. Cbetting on 64T flop. [Classifying hand strength starts at 28:44 in Common Mistakes 2]
  6. (16:45) Hand 5 - 3betting the BTN from the SB with JTo.
  7. (19:49 ) Hand 6 - 3betting the BTN from the BB with Kc9c. Double barreling on Ad8cQcTs board.
  8. (22:40) Hand 7 - Heads up, 3betting with QQ in the BB. TQ3 flop (hit set) and Villain donks. [SPR, Ranges]
  9. (25:24) Hand 8 - HJ raises, Hero 3bets with QQ from the CO. AJ3 flop.
  10. (28:37) Hand 9 - 3betting the BTN from the SB with A8s. Hero plays passively on 5A57T board. [Balance, Value Betting]
  11. (31:55) Video recap

When 3bets go wrong part 2.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $50NL
  • Game: Full Ring
  • Tables: -
  • Length: 00:33:05
  • Added: 15 November 2011

Video overview.

The second edition of the "When 3Bets Go Wrong" series. Just like the last video, this is a selection of hand histories that look at tricky 3betting situations.

There's no set theme to this episode (aside from all the HHs involving 3bet pots). It's just more of the same excellent 3betting strategy as found in W3BGW part 1. Having said that, there is more of a focus on preflop 3betting hand selection and less about facing 4bets than there was in the first episode.

SplitSuit makes good use of Flopzilla in one hand, so it might be worth brushing up on your Flopzilla skills beforehand if you're not familiar with it.

Also, if you're a short handed player you'll enjoy the inclusion of four HHs with 6 or less players seated at the table (plus a heads-up one for good measure).

About SplitSuit.

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney is author of Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics. He also coaches at his personal website www.SplitSuit.com. He uses the alias *Split* at the 2+2 forums, which is where you can find his famous contributions to the COTW thread.

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