Jack Wilcox 2

By Jack Wilcox


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"Jack Wilcox 2" video info.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $100NL / $1,000NL
  • Game: 6max
  • Tables: 1
  • Room: Aced Poker / Full Tilt originally - Replayed using HoldemManager.
  • Length: 42:08
  • Added: 12/03/10


Hand analysis training video where a series of interesting hands are replayed using HoldemManager. This particular strategy video focuses on value betting and getting the most from your good hands in small stakes NLHE 6max cash games (with a bunch of $1,000NL examples thrown in for good measure).

A lot of players check when they can easily obtain a lot more value from their hands by betting. Checking is often going to be the easier option, but it's not always the most profitable one. Learn how and when to value bet in Jack's 2nd training video.

The audio sounds a little "watery" because the originally video suffered from a lot of static in the background and this is the result after clearing it up. Trust me when I say that this audio is far better than the original.


  • Hand 1 - (02:15) → $100NL Calling with ATs after a UTG raise preflop.
  • Hand 2 - (07:13) → $1,000NL Playing KQo OOP against a weak player and a regular.
  • Hand 3 - (14:56) → $100NL 3 streets of value with top pair on a wet board.
  • Hand 4 - (23:10) → $1,000NL 3 streets of value with top pair against a calling station on a wet board.
  • Hand 5 - (31:44) → $1,000NL Range merging with A9o on the river.

As mentioned in the overview, the focus of this video is on value betting.

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