Jack Wilcox 4

By Jack Wilcox


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"Jack Wilcox 4" video info.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $400NL / $600NL
  • Game: 6max
  • Tables: 1
  • Room: Full Tilt originally - Replayed using HoldemManager.
  • Length: 49:14
  • Added: 19/04/10


The audio can be a little dodgy in the first 5 minutes but it does improve for the rest of the video. Bear with it.

Another HoldemManager replayer video from Jack Wilcox with 5 different hands at $400NL and $600NL 6max. The hands in this video cover calling down 3 streets of betting with top pair against aggressive (and good) players, double and triple barreling with a missed hand and getting value from weak players with big hands.

Jack once again makes use of putting opponents on ranges of hands on the flop, turn and river using PokerStove to help work out whether or not it is mathematically correct to call in tricky situations. You can find similar examples of assigning ranges to opponents in Jack Wilcox 3.


  • Hand 1 - (00:26) → $400NL Calling with QTs in BB against raise from CO. Calling 3 streets with top pair.
  • Hand 2 - (14:02) → $600NL AQo. Calling 3 streets with top pair out of position. Similar to the first hand.
  • Hand 3 - (26:29) → $400NL Double and triple barreling with QJo on a 566K4 board.
  • Hand 4 - (33:56) → $600NL Getting value from weak players with top pair in position. AJo on 5A28A board (rivered trips).
  • Hand 5 - (41:51) → $400NL Playing two pair out of position in an unraised pot, full house on river. Zeebo's theorem.

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