Holdem Manager Guide

By Jack Wilcox

Holdem Manager Guide : Holdem Manager HUD


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  • Type: Tutorial
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  • Length: 33:56
  • Added: 23/09/10


This is a video guide for Holdem Manager.

Many players that purchase tracking software like Holdem Manager fail to get the most out of it in their first few months using it. In this Holdem Manager tutorial video, Jack Wilcox covers the most powerful and most useful features of the software. This HEM guide basically covers all the essentials to help get you started.

Jack Wilcox uses PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) stats in this HEM tutorial video, but that's just to help prevent giving away too much information about his NLHE stats. As a No Limit Holdem player, the fact that PLO stats are used in this video guide makes no difference to you. All of the information about the tabs and reports applies to both NLHE and PLO.

Good Holdem Manager guides are few and far between, so I hope you find this one useful. Check out the notes below for information of specific sections of HEM in this tutorial video.


  • HEM home screen - ( 00:00 ) → A quick and basic introduction to the Holdem Manager home screen.
  • Position report - ( 01:40 ) → Guide to the positional stats report with some basic positional strategy.
  • Stack size report - ( 04:40 ) → Yeah.
  • Position report (again) - ( 06:16 ) → Includes some handy information about standard deviation and how you can use it to create variance graphs. (Poker Variance Simulator, Variance in Poker)
  • Sessions tab - ( 09:45 ) → Overview of the sessions tab and shiz.
  • Graphs tab - ( 11:23 ) → Quick overview of the graphs tab and explanation of the red line (or "non-showdown winnings" line). (EV - Expected Value)
  • Marking hands - ( 13:53 ) → How to and why you should use the hand marking feature in HEM. Also includes a brief look at the Holdem Manager hand replayer.
  • Filtering stats - ( 17:38 ) → Loads of useful stat filtering examples. There's a bunch of stats analysis and strategy thrown in for good measure too.
  • Plugging leaks - ( 30:00 ) → Incredibly brief explanation of how the "plugging leaks" and "leak buster" reports work.
  • vs Player tab - ( 31:10 ) → Another quick overview of what this tab does and what it's used for.
  • Most important tabs - ( 32:04 ) → A speedy run down of the 3 tabs in Holdem Manager that will prove to be the most useful for you.
  • Making notes on players - ( 32:55 ) → How to make notes and how to find the notes on each player after you've made them.

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