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Title Author Category Level Date
Calling From Blinds vs. A Steal Jack Wilcox General Intermediate 26 Feb, 2011
Semi-Bluffing By Raising All In Jack Wilcox Plays Advanced 26 Feb, 2011
3Betting Preflop In The Micro Stakes Jack Wilcox Plays Intermediate 27 Feb, 2011
The Real Objective Of Poker Jack Wilcox Psychology Beginner 27 Feb, 2011
Continuation Betting Jack Wilcox Plays Beginner 26 Mar, 2011
4Betting Mathematics Jack Wilcox Mathematics Advanced 28 Mar, 2011
Check-Raising As A Bluff Jack Wilcox Plays Intermediate 1 Apr, 2011
Attacking 3Bettors Jack Wilcox General Advanced 3 Apr, 2011
Preflop Opening Ranges Kyle Garner General Beginner 14 Apr, 2011
Floating The Flop Jack Wilcox Plays Beginner 14 Apr, 2011
Breaking Down Your Winrate Jack Wilcox General Intermediate 9 May, 2011
Winning Money From Bad Players Jack Wilcox General Intermediate 22 Oct, 2011
Playing Blind vs. Blind Jack Wilcox General Advanced 25 Oct, 2011
The Importance Of Position Jack Wilcox General Beginner 6 Nov, 2011
Relative Hand Strength Jack Wilcox Concepts Beginner 6 Nov, 2011
5 Tips To Improve Your Game Jack Wilcox General Beginner 29 Nov, 2011
Objectivity In Poker Kyle Garner Psychology Intermediate 5 Dec, 2011
Optimal Bet Sizing Johnathan Chan Concepts Beginner 20 Jan, 2012

These articles were originally posted on Jack Wilcox’s Higher Level Poker training website. It hadn’t been updated since Jack died in February 2012, and the design was falling behind, so I decided to edit and move the articles here in August 2020.

Screenshot Of An Original Article On HigherLevelPoker
The original layout of the articles on HigherLevelPoker.com. I edited the articles to help with readability, but was careful not to edit out the voice of the authors.

The majority of the strategy articles were written by Jack “Hoodlincs” Wilcox, with two articles by Jack “shipit2kg” Garner, and one by Johnathan “thatssosick” Chan.

Jack was a winning NL Hold’em cash game player up to $400NL. He took a technical approach to poker strategy, focusing on the use of ranges and equity to help influence his decisions. He also used a HUD when playing, and a lot of his advice involves analysis of a player’s VPIP/PFR as the starting point for working out how to play a hand.

His advice is solid, and the techniques he used are still relevant today.

Some of the highlights include; Semi-Bluffing By Raising All In, 4Betting Mathematics, and Check-Raising As A Bluff. My personal favorite is The Real Objective Of Poker, in which Jack explains the ultimate goal of playing poker, and showcases his deep understanding of the game.

I hope you get as much benefit from the strategy articles from Higher Level Poker as I did — they wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think they were worth reading.