Jack Wilcox 7 (Part 2/2)

By Jack Wilcox

Jack Wilcox 7 Part 1 : Jack Wilcox 7 Part 2


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Note: This video was initially made for Jack's training site HigherLevelPoker.com (which explains the intro), but it's now exclusively available on ThePokerBank.

Unfortunately, despite the mention at the end of this video, there is no part 3. The remaining footage was lost before the final video could be made. Technology wins again.

"Jack Wilcox 7 - Part 2" video info.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $10NL
  • Game: 6max
  • Tables: 6
  • Room: Full Tilt Poker
  • Length: 67:36
  • Added: 22/03/11

Jack Wilcox 7 pt. 2 video overview.

The final part of Jack's hand replayer video, playing 6 tables of 6max $10NL cash games at Full Tilt. This video continues with the same theme as the last one, with lots of discussion on 3betting and when and when not to cbet.

At 35:42 there's an interesting discussion on 4bet bluffing, and whether advanced plays of this sort are really necessary in micro stakes cash games.

Other topics discussed in this $10NL cash game training video include; double and triple barreling, table selection, playing pocket pairs and inducing bluffs.

Jack Wilcox 7 pt. 2 notes.

  • (01:06) → Isolating limper with J8o OTB. Bluff-raising donk bet on the flop.
  • (04:08) → 3betting BTN raiser with J9s in the SB. Cbet and double barrel 4777 board.
  • (06:57) → Calling with 76s on the button. Bluff-raising donk bet on the flop.
  • (08:54) → Cbetting big with JJ on QTJss flop (inelastic range).
  • (10:24) → Squeezing with JJ OTB.
  • (12:34) → Discussion on playing pocket pairs in 6max cash games.
  • (14:11) → Playing 77 on K55 flop.
  • (15:08) → Playing AK on AK4r flop against 2 players, a lot of action.
  • (18:19) → Discussion on 3betting and 4betting BvB
  • (19:17) → 76 on AT9r flop in position. Discussion on cbetting, double and triple barreling.
  • (22:59) → Limp-calling with QJ OTB.
  • (24:48) → 66 on AQ9ss flop.
  • (26:07) → Discussion on table selection and marking players.
  • (29:22) → Calling 3bet with 55 OTB.
  • (30:43) → Playing QQ on 338r flop. Checking the turn to induce a bluff.
  • (30:56) → Playing KT on QT6r.
  • (35:42) → 4bet bluffing with Q9 OTB.
  • (37:45) → Calling 4bet with TT OOP. Checking on 595ss flop.
  • (39:00) → Calling BTN raise with KQ in the BB. Flop is Q28r.
  • (39:53) → Raise UTG with JTs. Not cbetting on 493ss flop.
  • (44:29) → 3betting QQ in the BB vs SB. Discussion on polarised ranges.
  • (48:51) → Raising UTG with 88. Folding to 3bet due to poor odds to set mine.
  • (49:20) → Isolating with J7o OTB. Cbetting Q83ss flop.
  • (51:30) → Raise AT in CO. Planning to c/f on Q85r flop instead of cbetting.
  • (52:39) → Calling raise with 99 OOP. Discussion on check/raising river as a bluff on 4376A board.
  • (54:36) → Betting flop and turn, folding to raise on turn on 59J3 (3 spades) board (Baluga Theorem).
  • (55:25) → Cbetting with AQ on 74Kss flop. Double barreling on T turn.
  • (56:32) → 3betting raise from CO with Q4s. Check/calling on AQ3ss flop.
  • (59:58) → Calling raise with A3s in multi-way pot due to good implied odds. Leading on Q52ss flop.
  • (01:04:10) → Raise in EP with AKs. Villain in BB donk bets on AJ2ss flop.
  • (01:05:44) → Calling with AJs vs raise from tight player OTB. Check raising on TT2 flop.

Topics discussed in this video.

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