Jack Wilcox 3

By Jack Wilcox


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"Jack Wilcox 3" video info.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $400NL / $600NL / $1,000NL
  • Game: 6max
  • Tables: 1
  • Room: Full Tilt originally - Replayed using HoldemManager.
  • Length: 26:43
  • Added: 12/03/10


This is another HoldemManager replayer video where Jack goes over a bunch of interesting hands and focuses on how best to play against different ranges. It's the same training style as the Jack Wilcox 2 video on value betting and the second in this HEM replayer series.

Putting players on a range of hands is integral to making profitable decisions at the table. Making the most profitable play after putting your opponent on a range is known as the maximize step in the REM process.


  • Hand 1 - (00:58) → $600NL 89s pair + straight draw reverse implied odds.
  • Hand 2 - (05:15) → $1,000NL Set of 2s against difficult river shove from villain.
  • Hand 3 - (13:08) → $400NL Flopped set of 9s OOP against preflop raiser.
  • Hand 4 - (20:26) → $600NL 3bet bluffing with TJo on the button.

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