Rush Poker (Part 2/2)

By Jack Wilcox

Rush Poker Video Part 1 : Rush Poker Video Part 2


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"Jack Wilcox 6 - Rush Poker Video Part 2" video info.


  • Type: Hand Replayer
  • Stakes: $25NL
  • Game: 6max, Rush Poker
  • Tables: 2
  • Room: Full Tilt Poker
  • Length: 35:53
  • Added: 03/11/10

Rush Poker training video overview.

This is the second (and final) part of the Rush Poker training video series by Jack Wilcox. This video follows the same format as the last one, where Jack commentates on and discusses hands from a pre-recorded session at $25NL Rush Poker.

In fairness, there are not a lot of terribly tricky spots in this rush poker video. However, there is a lot of useful discussion on some specific topics, such as when and when not to cbet on different types of flops. A bunch of 3betting opportunities and pots are also covered in this training video for Rush Poker.

Specific topics and interesting hands along the video timeline have been noted below.

Rush Poker Video pt. 1 notes.

  • (00:52) → Merits of cbetting with a mid-pocket pair on a low, coordinated board.
  • (02:18) → Checking with K8o in position instead of cbetting on a AQ2r flop.
  • (06:13) → Quick discussion on checking vs. cbetting with the intention of firing multiple barrels.
  • (07:56) → Discussion on 4betting/shoving vs calling with JJ OOP when facing a 3bet preflop.
  • (08:38) → Not cbetting with JTo in to multiple opponents in position on a 52Ar flop.
  • (10:10) → Double barreling with Kh Jd on a 3d Th 9d Ad board.
  • (11:26) → Floating the flop with 35s on a K5Qr board.
  • (15:19) → Folding a small pocket pair (66) in MP to a raise from EP due to not having great odds to set mine.
  • (16:47) → 3betting a min raise on the button with 96s from a player in MP.
  • (18:38) → Importance of tagging players and note taking in Rush Poker.
  • (19:45) → Interesting hand with AQs on a 2AA25 board.
  • (22:38) → Checking vs cbetting on a JQ8ss flop with 87o.
  • (24:25) → Checking vs cbetting on a 522r flop with A8s.
  • (26:25) → Discussion on the value of calling a 3bet with 77 in position.
  • (27:48) → Interesting 3bet pot with AJo on the button.
  • (31:06) → 3betting an UTG min-raise with 63s on the button.
  • (31:50) → Folding KQo in the BB to an UTG raiser.
  • (32:43) → Betting to win dead money with a cbet on a 57Qss board with A6s.

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