Holdem Manager HUD

By Jack Wilcox

Holdem Manager Guide : Holdem Manager HUD


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Holdem Manager HUD tutorial video info.

Holdem Manager HUD tutorial video details.

  • Type: Tutorial
  • Stakes: n/a
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  • Tables: 1
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  • Length: 23:22
  • Added: 22/11/10


This is an introductory video tutorial for using the HUD (Heads Up Display) in Holdem Manager.

The HUD can provide some incredibly helpful stats on your opponents whilst you play, but these stats are only useful if you know what they mean and how to use them. In this HEM HUD video, Jack covers the basic (and most important) stats used by online poker players to help them with their decisions during cash game sessions.

Jack also explains how the percentages provided in the HUD stats translate in to actual ranges of hands. PokerStove is used to help with this.

An Omaha database is used in this particular HUD tutorial video, but all of the information is geared toward Texas Hold'em poker players. The actual stats in this video are mostly for illustrative purposes anyway, as Jack doesn't want to give away too much information about his NLHE game!

Although this HUD tutorial video guide is aimed at HEM users, a lot (well, almost all) of the information can also apply to those of you that are using Poker Tracker.


Note: The information comes quite thick and fast in this tutorial video. I'd highly recommend pausing the video at points to let it all sink in (or to play with PokerStove for yourself) as you go along.

  • Basic stats - ( 00:16 ) → Introduction to the VPIP and PFR stats.
  • Configuring the HUD - ( 01:10 ) → How to add and remove stats from the HEM HUD.
  • Pop-up display - ( 02:00 ) → A quick introduction the the pop-up display feature.
  • Percentages as ranges - ( 03:39 ) → Analysing and translating different percentage stats in to ranges of hands.
  • Ideal stats - ( 12:53 ) → A quick discussion on some ideal stats to aim for.
  • Fold to 3bet - ( 13:49 ) → How to use the fold to 3bet stat and how to make the most money from certain types of players with this stat.
  • Bet in position - ( 16:38 ) → What the "bet in position" stat means and how you can use it to exploit other players.
  • Showdown stats - ( 18:20 ) → Explanations of WTSD, WWSF and W$SD.
  • Using HEM conclusion - ( 20:23 ) → How to make best use of HEM stats. Why stats are not everything and the importance of paying attention to game flow.

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