Jack Wilcox 1

By Jack Wilcox


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"Jack Wilcox 1" video info.


  • Type: Sweat Session
  • Stakes: $25NL
  • Game: 6max
  • Tables: 4
  • Room: Full Tilt Poker
  • Length: 1:02:15
  • Added: 12/03/10


This is an analysis of a pre-recorded session with 2 deep-stack tables and 2 standard 100BB stack tables. It's the first in a series of 6max cash game strategy videos made by Jack Wilcox.

Jack has recorded a session previously and comments on his plays as he replays it and records it again. It's like a normal sweat session but with the ability to pause the action as you go along. There are two great examples of putting your opponents on a range of hands starting at 24:00 and 49:50.


Assigning hand ranges is a recurring theme throughout video (as it should be in any good strategy). It's a key part of the REM process.

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