Hong Kong report.

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By Jack Wilcox

21 Jul, 2011

I figured people would want mainly pics, so I'll just include a bunch of them with some random captions where necessary.

Basically Hong Kong is a mountainous island with a bunch of skyscrapers on it. There is also some stuff on the mainland which is only separated by a tiny stretch of water. It has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world, and there's some pretty cool architecture. The parks in the middle of the city are wicked, but when you walk along the streets it's super polluted. Public transport (i.e. subway) is amazing though — air/con all the way and really cheap.

Food is also very cheap, you can eat a decent meal for £3/£4. McDonalds is £2.50 if you dont fancy the chinese food! My accomodation was £11/night, although I stayed in the cheapest place I could find (£11 isnt actually very cheap considering dorm bed etc).

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The Bank of China tower, which I got to go in for free, up to the 43rd floor where there's a viewing gallery — the view is shown in next couple of pics:

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Took a sweet tram up the mountain where you get an awesome view of the city...

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I also went to Macau. Couldn't get great pics apart from at the casino entrances. Poker in Macau didnt go great — I could have quit while I was ahead but like a fool I stayed and kept grinding, eventually finishing slightly down, although I included the ferry costs to and from Macau in my losses.

Since Hong Kong, I went to Bangkok and I am currently in Chiang Mai which is North Thailand. In a couple days time I hit up a boat into Laos so I get to add a new country onto my list.

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